Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

So have you  offically  started writting 2012  yet or are you like me  when it takes a couple weeks  to get over writting 2011  and start writting 2012 LOL !

Last week we  sent in our  renewal  for our Passports . Plus I got a new  Drivers License  with a new pic  Just what I wanted  to do for my Birthday  Ha! Ha!  The new license  here in Michigan are kinda funky looking  But then again what license looks  so fabulous you have to show it to everyone " Hey want to see my new License "  ~ NOT!

  I am happy  to report though that  they at least let you look at the photo once they take it and will re-take it if you don't like it, BUT still  the photo is just yucky  in my opinon .

Birthday cake and flowers from hubby
Me and my Wonderful Hubby
Hubby got me all these beautiful flowers and this yummy cake for my Birthday .  Plus we made a run to IKEA last week  and hubby bought me  lots of  racks  for my punches .

The racks called "Bygel Rails "and are 39" long  and were $2.99 each ( can't beat that price ) .

  I outgrew my shoe rack  so he mounted them on a wall with MDF board  for extra support ( See photo below) . I just love it !

Plus Jessie made us a Birthday  dinner ( Pecan crusted chicken ) since my moms Birthday was January 3rd, and mine was the 5th we celebrated  them both on Thursday . 

New Punch wall

We are currently moving my computer to the basement  but I needed internet  down there 1st So when Jessie's boyfriend was here this weekend and him and hubby  got me up and running so my computer is now offically in my stamp room in my basement YAHOO!! 

Last night we took Jessie and Pat  to Whitey's in Davidson.  OH my goodness Whitey's is sooo AMAZING~ The fish is  so so YUMMY and well since Pat has never been it never  takes us long to have an excuse to drive 45 mins  for the BEST all you can eat  fish around !

A funny  story for you  about a Christmas present.

Fancy Christmas present
My Father in Law  loves everything that  you can plug in  so that's the  joke  around the family  so when we got his Christmas present Rich turned it into an electrical  slicer . He unscrewed  the back and slid in the electrical cord  and  then tightened  it all back up . Pretty funny  huh?  I took a photo of it  so you all could see  the new fancy  plug in slicer  LOL !

Purple Piggy bank
Here is a super cute purple piggy bank I got at Target  the other day . Oh my goodness she is sooo cute .

Today after church  we are having a retirement party for our church secretary of 35 years .

Here is my Sunday share video for you today.


Have a Wondeful Sunday Friends !

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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