Angry Birds card for Ruthie
Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday Friends !

It's gonna be one of those Long Sunday share's today.

Did you change your clocks ? It's Spring  foward 1 hour  🙂

Today's Angry birds card has a little story behind it …

This past week I was  talking with Jessie  and she was asking me about how to cut a Flat Top hair cut . 

I will also share a little history on me  today .

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and use to work at  the barber shop on the Seabee base in Port Hueneme  CA . When I 1st started working there I had no idea how to cut a flat top  either  and one of the guys that worked there  took me under his wings  and taught me how to cut a Flat top . I absolutely loved  working there .

I was cutting  52 hair cuts a day  and it was such a great job . Quickand easy  Military haircuts ( 3/4 high & tight  &  flat tops ) were the most popular.

So when Jessie was asking me how to cut a flat top I was thinking  I need  to actually show her  so We both sent a text to cousin ( Ruthie) and asked her if  Kirk ( her hubby)  would lend me his head  to show Jessie how to do a Flat top and while I did that why not  make a video  too 🙂  .

Just a heads up  a Flat top video will be coming soon just need to wait  until Kirks hair grows out . Kirk is a Police officer  and his hair is always a flat top  and he just recently  got it cut .

They came over one night  before all this talk about us cutting Kirks hair and Ruthie seen the Angry Birds card I got as a swap from my sweet Friend Debbie  and  since seeing that card  Ruthie said on Face Book she was going to hold Kirk's head  Hostage until she got her own Angry birds card LOL  so I can officially  say the ransom has been paid ( see the card above ) so now we wait  for Kirks hair to grow  LOL .

Debbie has  a picture tutorial on how she did her Angry Birds card which you can view that HERE  so super cute ! Thank you Debbie

My Hubby got transferred to a new job location This past Wednesday ( Marathon  oil refinery)  and has since shaved off his  beard  all he has is his Mustache. For safety reasons  everyone must  have no facial hair to get in the way of a respirator mask if needed .

I haven't seen  my handsome hubby with a clean shaved face in years  . I remember when my dad did this once in awhile and he always looked so mad after .

I actually  shaved hubby's face in steps  1st we shaved it down to a goatee  then off that came within a couple hours . He is so handsome He is able to keep his long hair  which it doesn't look like it in Photo #3  but he just got out of the shower and his hair was slicked back .

Thanks to Jessie  for making the photo collage of her Dad for me  and while we were doing that she showed me some really fun  other stuff  which we then added a bunch of purple (to my hair, eyes and my shirt)  to my picture  LOVE IT!

Me with purple
Ok who seen Jessica Sanchez sing Whitney Houston  this past Wednesday night  OMG!! she was amazing !!

I seriously had goosebumps  the whole time  WOW!!

Since my Momma missed it … she  asked if I was going to share it on my Sunday Share  so Here you go Momma  I also posted Whitney  singing ~ What amazing Voice she had .



Glitter Queens Spring time Blog Hop
P.S  My Glitter Queens are having another Blog hop starting tomorrow  through Friday . I will be posting a link  starting tomorrow  to your 1st blog hop pit stop  to see all the beautiful goodies they have in store for us this upcoming week . 

WOW!!  That was a  long Sunday Share  .

Have a Wonderful Sunday friends!

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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