Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

We are  getting our Taxes done  today since Hubby has  been transfered  to a new job location  Sunday's are his only day off and the rest of the week he gets home to late, So today is the day to get that done  .

Last Saturday while  stamping  I let out  a loud squeal  of excitement  since I had a light bulb moment  LOL! I am sure you must have heard me.  Pretty funny  when I posted on Face book about  my light bulb moment squeal I was told they heard it everywhere . Makes me laugh !

Ok so back to light bulb moment  for probably the last 3 or so weeks I was making a type of card and couldn't for the life of me figure out how  to make it alot better than what I was doing or what the directions said to do ..

Then  Ding Dong light bulb moment  exploded !

I am sooo excited  & couldn't wait  to show hubby and  daughter  that evening  when they came home .  so needless to say I have filmed 2 videos  for this upcoming week  the 1st video will be how  to make the card  THEN the  2nd video will be the light bulb moment .. OH my goodness I hope to hear you all squeal with excitement  too 🙂

Magnetix nail polish with Magnet
 I thought I would make a quick video to show you a nail polish I got  … It's alot of fun BUT  I must be so hard on my nails  cause within 2 days I had already a chip  on one of my nails so I have since went back  to  Shellac ( What was I thinking ??)  Shellac is amazing and lasts  me  at least 2-3 weeks,

But it was fun while it lasted…playing with a new "Non" Shellac nail polish LOL !

So for my Sunday share video today is the  Magnetix nail polish from China Glaze ( Below) .

I seriously have no clue how it works… But  something about the nail polish is infused with iron powder. I was alittle  curious  when the girl told Jess and I about it . But it really does work ( enter Dawn's Shocked face ) .

Just takes a little practice  holding the magnet as close as possible without touching it . That's funny cause it took me about 7 trys on 1 nail .

I bought (2) Magnetix nail polish's and got the magnet FREE at Sally's Beauty Supply The special ends March 31, 2012


Have a Fabulous Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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