Hi Stampers:

 Happy Sunday Friends !

I had so much fun in my Stamp studio yesterday and I filmed  2  videos for you  which will be posted later this week ~ The video that will be posted on Friday is so stinkin cute I can hardly wait .

I have been contacted by a few of you who are having issues placing orders online. Stampin'Up! is telling  us that if you clean off your temporary internet files / Cookies  this should clear up  any issues  BUT you can always call me ( 248) 670-6181  or email me  if you want me to place  the order for you .

So sorry for the  frustration this is causing .

How many of you  are watching American Idol ?

I must admit  I wasn't a happy camper since Simon left and  haven't watched it since  BUT with the new season hubby wanted to watch and  even though I really miss Simon  and his brutally honest opinions ~ It was entertaining just not the same without Simon …

I bring this all up because I noticed one of the girls sang one of my Favorite songs  (I posted both versions  below)

" Go Light your world" .

Shannon Magrane did make it into the top 10 …

Shannon's version


Chris Rice version


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Have a Wonderful Sunday friends

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