Corinne Somerville aka Roxy
Hi Stampers :

Happy Wednesday friends !

R.A.K – Radom Acts of Kindness

You know that old saying Better late than never .. Well that fits me today. I recieved some beautiful goodies from my dear sweet friends over the last few months and WOW I totally forgot to share them with you .

The 1st card is from my sweet friend Corinne Somerville AKA Roxy . A couple months ago while on Face Book I seen her mention Birch run and I totally freaked out since Birch run is like 45 mins from me and my 1st thought was OMG Roxy is coming to MI and she can come and see me .. That's what I get for assuming things LOL .

She was actually looking for someone to make a run to Birch run for some MAC makeup and well that popped my balloon really fast 🙁 .

So long story short I ended up getting her the makeup at a much closer location to me for her and she sent me this adorable thank you card . Thank you  Roxy !

Patty Chenail
This Beautiful card is from me sweet friend Patty Chenail she sent me this adorable Christmas card using an awesome color combo and Love that set too . Thank you so much Patty.

Patty and Paul ( her hubby ) are also our Harley riding friends and Patty is actually planning our Harley riding adventure in Flordia when we go in April. Just don't tell her I don't think I can ride for 12 hours ( Just saying LOL !) Thank you Patty !

Peggy Waite
This amazing card is from my sweet friend Peggy Waite she made me this Christmas card and WOW what a Christmas card it is too . She told me she only made a few of them ( I can see why.. such detail ) and I was lucky enough to be on her Christmas card list … YAHOO! Thank you Peggy  !

Kathleen Hurley
This Beautiful card is from my sweet friend Kathleen Hurley and  Look at the Wisteria Wonder goodies  she added to my card  OH YEAH!!  Plus Love all the shimmer girlie  ~What a Sweetie pie . Thank you  Kathleen !

Thank you all for your beautiful cards you all made my day and It's making me smile all over again just posting them on my blog for all of you to see them .

Thanks for peeking in today friends.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday .

See you all tomorrow .

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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