Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

 I wanted to share this photo of me that I took for my cousin Ruthie .

You see  Ruthie has one of her arms all tattooed/ sleeve….  so I thought it would be funny to take a photo of me with my arms tattooed  like her .

NO these are not real .

Ful Tat Sleeves  for FCActually my hubby bought them for me a year ago or so and  I found them . The only give away  would be the wrist  area  since it has a seam  BUT in my photo I tried to hid the  wrists ( kinda )  so it would look more real when I texted my cousin .

Since Ruthie has been in Colorado  for the last 4 weeks  I thought I would throw her a curve ball and  see what she thought . Needless to say It didnt last very long  probably  the 2nd text I confessed  they were not really real . It was really fun getting her reaction .

Gorgeous Wedding cake


Love birds kissing

Rich & Matt

7-14-2012 Hubby and MeYesterday  we  went to Brian & Nicole's wedding.  I will share the card I made for them tomorrow . Don't we all love weddings . So beautiful !

Youth group  lock in

Brian Dylan, JessieI still can't believe Brian is married now.  I remember him in our youth group at church  Now he is as tall as Richard  and a happily married man . Congrats to  them both~ We Love you Brian .

 I have  projects  ready  to post on my blog this upcoming week while I am away at convention in Salt Lake City UT. I just don't have any videos  for you . The last week has been  really busy ( Sorry) 

BUT no worries I will be back the following week with a new video  and  showing you what  projects I made for my  convention  presentation .

I have to keep everything under wraps  and lets just say  every project I made,  I was  wanting to make a video  and post it right then .  I seriously think that was the hardest part of  all  keeping  everything separated  up to convention. Funny looking at my stamp room I have boxes everywhere  for  the projects .

We had our last rehearsal  this past Wednesday  and  now I need to pack everything .

Let's just say Sticky  Strip will be my new best friend  to keep everything together in my carry on  for the flight.

All this time It seemed so far away  and now here it is 2 days away ~ So very excited ! 

Quick Reminder :

Extra FSM token on (1) of your minimum $50.00 order  you place with me while I am away at convention  July 17- 22, 2012

  • Spend $50.00 ( before S&H and tax ) get (2) tokens instead of (1)
  • Spend $100.00 ( before S&H and tax ) get (3) tokens instead of (2)
  • Spend $150.00 ( before S&H and tax )  get (4) tokens instead of (3)
  • and so on ….

PLUS when you reach the $50.00 amount (before S&H and tax ) you can add the Reason to Smile stamp set for $5.00 HERE  .

Click HERE  to view details on how to add this stamp set to your  order

PLUS  when your order reaches the $150.00 amount ( before S&H and tax )  you get  Hostess dollars to spend on FREE items

The extra FSM token will count towards (1) of your orders  while I am away .

Click HERE  for my FSM  club details.

 Exciting news.

You may  remember   our best friends Opie & Karen  who live in Maine  well Hubby asked Opie  (see photo below of Opie )  to do the Hoka Hey  Bike challenge  with him and Opie is 75%  sure he is doing the ride with hubby  ~ YAHOO!!

Opie #1I can't  tell you how even more excited I am  for  him to have  his  friend  do this ride with him . For me it's just something about him out there alone . well NOT "alone "  but  hopefully you know what I mean . 

Just something about  riding 6,000 across the USA  starting in Las Vegas  and ending in New York  in (1 ) week WOW! 

I'm so excited for both of them !

Here is my Sunday Share video  for you today .


Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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