Jessie and MeHi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

Yesterday we had our pig roast here are some photo from our fun day at  the lake .

Hanging out #2

Pig roast #1

It was so hot outside  again But  after all the eating we all decided to go back to our house  to spend the rest of the day in our pool .  But not before Hubby took a quick dive in the lake .

Such a Fabulous day with such wonderful friends!

Time for a scuba dive

Jessie's look  on her face  in the photo below says it all LOL!

Many hands light work

Lots of meat

Moving pig to cutYesterday  Hubby had  his 1st piece of  chocolate  in over 12 years .

Steve wearing Linda sandles#1Since we had found out that Caffeine  was causing his headaches  he stopped drinking coffee/ drinking soda  and eating  chocolate over 12 years ago … BUT  since  starting Herbalife and he has since  found that chocolate doesn't effect him like  it did years ago PRAISE GOD!  So needless to say he made  S'More's  too.

Cutting pigFor me on the other hand I ate very little of the piggie  since eating pork and  seafood makes my R.A flare up  so I stuck mainly  with everything  else  beside the pork . Boy I do love  pork  But I don't love what it does to me .

Fun times

I got 2 new videos for you this upcoming week  got those filmed  this past week  since I knew we were going to be busy at the lake  all day Saturday . But the  week of convention  may be another story .. We have a wedding on the 14th  and I fly out to Salt Lake on the 17th.  I will hopefully  have projects posted  for you  that week I am gone But by the way my  schedule  is looking this week  I just  am not 100% sure  about 2 videos next  week. 

Group jumpI have my last  rehearsal  with SU! this upcoming Wednesday for Convention . I  have  to finish making my Glitter Queens convention gifts and  finish making my  Glitter Queens  swaps   for convention dinner .  Sad  to report though no extra  swaps made for convention this year  .

Here is my Sunday share video for you today .


Have a Wonderful Sunday friends!

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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