Hi Stampers:

Happy Wednesday friends!

Here are some amazing pics I took  during our "I am Savvy" Presentation at Stampin'Up! Convention .

We had a total of (5) presentations  during Convention  all the same  presentations BUT  there were rotating classes  so that's why there were (5) .

( Video's coming soon of the items I did  ).

Click on photo/s to enlarge your viewing .

It was so AWESOME words can NOT express the whole amazing experience  I had  from day #1 when I got a phone call from Donna Griffith  at the SU! office asking if  I would  do  the presentation to the very last day on Saturday  when Convention was over .

It didn't end with  Convention  There was even more …Donna sent my Hubby a beautiful card  that my hubby read to me  Saturday night over the phone which I was  crying  from the moment  he told he had recieved  a card from her .

Donna Griffith & Dawn GriffithDonna is  such an amazing  woman and friend ! Funny  tid bit  about Donna and I is that she  told me she gets mistaken for me  since our names are so very close ( sad to say  are not related ) .  Love that !

Setting up our table  for the BIG day

Our convention started with going back stage  on Wednesday early morning  to set up our tables  for Thursday Morning presentation .

After that  we (3) lucky girls had a tour of backstage which was so wonderful !  SU! does such an amazing job for all of us  at convention and everything that goes on backstage would blow your mind ! 

Getting my make up done by Jana SU! make up artistPLUS we ( 3)  girls  had our make up done by SU! make up Artist Jana  ~ WOW!!

 I had  to take a photo of SU! Video guy Tom  who makes us all look so fabulous  on the big screen .

Our Famous  SU! Video guy ~ TomThey have (2) green rooms back stage one for Shelli and her family ONLY and the other one was for all of us to put our bags and anything else we brought  with us .

Back stage with the Savvy girls  Laura, Meg and I

This photo is all 3 of us girls ( Laura , Meg and I ) standing in front of the 2 green rooms.

The door that leads out to main stageHere is the main stage door we all came out of  when we were announced  on stage by Donna Griffith .

Setting up table between presentationsOn the last day of Convention ( Saturday)  we had (2) presentations back to back  so we set up our table for the last presentation right on main stage  the other times  our tables were brought back stage  for us  to  adjust .

Main stage  #1

Main stage with video monitors and timers

While we were out there  I snapped these 2 photos of  what it looks like  from main stage .  See the timers/ clocks ? 

Well each of us had 15 minutes to do our presentation and  there were  a few people  that told us if we were to go over the 15 minutes the floor would open and we would fall through LOL ! 

Needless to say  the timer/s and those large  monitors  looked very intimidating  from up there beside the hundreds of fellow Demonstrators  out in the audience .

Backstage in the  bull pit ~ The place we wait for the 5 min call

We all wait in the Bull Pit ( see photo above)  for our 5 min call from the producer.

Got to guy MattThe  photo above is of Matt  he was our go to guy for all the kinds of things. He was  one of the guys removing the tables from stage  for us  plus him and Jana  were the ones  standing at  the door  to main stage  helping us with our nerves and making me laugh  .

Love them !

( I wish I had a photo with Jana  ( Yes we had 2 fabulous Jana's back stage  with us ) 

Photo op  after our last presentation

Group photo~ Love it !When we finished our last presentation on Saturday we were  able to take  a bunch of photos on stage  and also  a group photo of us girls  with Donna and Angie ( Producer ).

I can not say enough about  how amazing everyone  we got to meet  and work with for our presentation . .

Staying  with our Convention theme  for 2012

I Am … Very Grateful to be apart of Amazing company.

I Am.. Very Thankful for the new friends  I have made  through this experience .

Thank you Donna & the SU! crew   for all your support  and faith in me to be small part of Convention this year .

I Am … Forever changed !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!


Special Drawing from Convention will be held tomorrow via video. 

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