533154_10151048584438393_1247901380_nHi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends!

 I am leaving this morning for  New York to meet my hubby as he crosses the finish line . I had plans  to get things ready for my blog this upcoming week BUT  the power went out Friday afternoon  until yesterday afternoon so my big plans were  put on the back burner (more on that below.)

Hubby's "window " time of arrival  is between  6:38 pm tonight – Tomorrow at 8:30am.

  If all goes as planned  we both should be back home no later than Tuesday evening .

246911_10151048575518393_173000516_nI have a couple projects ready to post while I am away BUT since we lost power  I wasn't able to  get much else done . I did film my videos for this upcoming week already…  Just need to be back home before Thursday  to upload  them for you . Plus I have my club girls coming over Friday  so we better be home before Friday .

488233_10151046177668393_1889735263_nThis last week following my hubby on the Hoka Hey tracker has been so addicting . The Photo above are some other peeps addicted to the tracker map . Actually this was taken at the check in  LA. at the Renegade Harley Davidson  and everyone was watching  for the riders to roll in  AWESOME HUH? 

Renegade Harley Davison dealer  was their 2nd check in on the  route  BUT not only that they also gave  drinks / snacks  and offered sleeping areas to all the riders. I thought this sign was  cute .

They even offered a FREE wake up call  which for this rider  was at 4pm . LOVE THAT!


I loved hearing from some of you  who were following my hubby too ….That makes me smile .

Team Rich

Between my cousin Ruthie and Jessie  we have been chatting about making  TEAM RICH #725  t-shirts  so Jessie  made this one  on Tuesday with a Sharpie . Ruthie wanted me to stamp  some shirts BUT I need a Hoka Hey stamp for that .


It has been so AMAZING But I can hardly wait  to hear all about this  journey when I see my man .

I am very Thankful that  these 4 guys took hubby under their wings  for this amazing adventure . Thank you Bob, Dan, Frank & Walter

(top photo) 

By the time he reaches the finish line in New York he  got to ride through


MS, AL, TN, GA , NC,  WV, VA , PA & NY.

Hoka Hey Pickles #1By the time Friday night rolled around I could really tell Hubby was missing me by the photo he sent me ( above ) LOL!

Camp  site friday night #1Here is  my hubby's sleeping quarters  friday night . Which by the way was probably the only time he got a decent  amount of sleep (more than (3) hours I am sure .

Tarp over his Harley and stakes in ground  to hold tarp in place to  give him and his Harley  shelter as a storm passes through .

All riders have to sleep outside NO hotels allowed

PLUS he took his 1st shower  since leaving Vegas on Sunday  so that in itself made him feel  so much better getting cleaned up .

Yesterday afternoon  they were going to be  hitting the "Tail of the Dragon " OMG!!!  google  that when you get a chance . The  guys are VERY excited !!!

Thank you all for your prayers for my hubby and all the riders this past week . It has been an adventure  they will NEVER forget .

Hubby is already talking about doing it again next year since next year will be the last time for the Hoka Hey and next year will be one for the record books I've heard . .

Ok here is my Sunday share video for you today .


 Laura got her paper snips holder video done YAHOO!!!  so I thought I would make that my Sunday share video for you today .


ok 1 more sunday share video perfect for what my hubby experienced this past week . Praise God !!


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Have a Fabulous Sunday friends

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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