Honey and Me at the finish lineHi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

As you read this blog post this morning we will be heading back home from Irving NY (again)  We drove back Saturday morning for the Hoka Hey Party that was held yesterday 2-Midnight . OH my goodness …I have more photos to share with you  from this  fun night .

Here's is something that's pretty awesome .

DSCN3361Rich met the guys he was riding with  for the Hoka Hey in Las Vegas (AWESOME guys )  one of them is Walter ( see photo above ) … 

Get this Walter is 70 yrs old  and lives in Louisanna  and when  they got to New York Rich asked if I could make a copy of my directions to get to I-75  and I'm like yeah  of course .. Where is he going ?? Walt is going to Clarkston MI to see his Sister OMG!!!  We live  right next  to Clarkston  so this past Friday night Him and Walt hooked up  for a Harley ride  down to the Dream Cruise on Woodward .

PLUS Walter  drove with us back to NY for the Hoka Hey party

PLUS  we picked up Lee to go to the party with us  as well . We met at Bike week in Commerce Twp.  right before Hubby left for Vegas  who wants  to do the Hoka Hey next year with hubby ..

Fab 5  finishes and are contenders

Fab 5 butt stretches warming up for next yearHubby put 6,274.9 Miles on his bike in 1 week  that's AMAZING !! and he can't wait  to do it again next year .

The photo above makes me laugh everytime I look at it . 

We call that photo  Butt Stretches  … Hubby said after the 1st (8) hours  his butt went numb .

PLUS the guys had no more than (14) hours  of sleep for the week on the ride ( that was an adverage of 2 hours a night .

Click HERE to view the photo of Hubby on the Tail of the Dragon  photo  from Killboy.com  offical Trail of the Dragon photographer.

I have so many more photos of this amazing adventure hubby was on.  I have lots more to share with you so I started a photo gallery which you can click HERE to view those that I have uploaded so far  .

I made a quick 1 1/2 minute video from the Hoka Hey  and that's my Sunday Share video for you today below .


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Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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