Hubby leaving for Vegas to the Hoka Hey #2Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends!

Today is the BIG  day .. Hubby is heading out on a  his riding adventure,  actually as you read this he will already be on his way  to complete 6,000 miles across the USA.

He has (1) week to reach the finish line  starting from this morning at 6:00am

The really cool thing is that his Harley has  GPS  attached on it (rules for the Hoka Hey )   and  we can track his journey .

His number is 725  and on the HOKA HEY web site  the GPS map is LIVE  YAHOO!

What else is cool about the GPS it  tells  us how long  the harley has been on /off.

Riding out to Vegas for Hoka HeyWhile in Vegas he  has been helping put together the goodie bags that will be handed out to each rider  and he also bought a  camera  to  record parts of his journey .

The camera is really cool and can attach to his helmet or windshield and that means easy access   and with 2 disc's he can record up to (10 ) hours  of riding time .  I told him just remember that's (10) hours of editing the film when he gets home  LOL!

Here is a coin he got when he checked in on Friday. It's Gorgeous .

Hoka Hey coin Front

Hoka Hey Coin  Back

Here is the front and the back . I am assuming the coin is like  the ones he was given when he was in Iraq  which those are  all gorgeous  as well . Look at the back side it has his # 725

Dawn's Favorite new find:

WEN productsMy favorite new find comes via a infomercial.  Not sure if any of you have seen the one with WEN haircare .

I guess I should say Who hasn't seen this infomercial ??

WOW!! This stuff is AMAZING!

I have been using it  for nearly 3 months now  and I have it set to auto ship . My next shipment comes this month .

If you plan on trying this product I have a few tips to offer you :

Order the 3 months supply  when you 1st order . They offer a smaller package ( 30 days) BUT if you are like me you will fall in love with it and be  sorry when you run out . PLUS after the 1st inital order ( if you order the smaller (30 days) package ) you will be set up with the 3 month supply on auto ship anyway so why not do the 3 month supply  on your 1st order so you don't run out  and"IF" you don't love it  you can still return it  no matter if you get the smaller package or the 3 month supply ( 60 day money back guarantee)

Another tip : The Cleansing Conditioner  aka Shampoo does NOT lather  so that may freak you out  when you 1st use it  BUT don't let that scare you . Trust me  when I say my hair color  doesn't last long  with my thin hair in the 1st place but with WEN there are no harsh chemicals and stripping agents in the cleansing  conditioner  so that means longer lasting color YAHOO!

My hair has NEVER  felt so fabulous  since using this product . I even got my mom and  Jess using it . I love everything in this product line  and that's all I use now  + my reg. hairspray . If you could have seen all the products I used for  my hair prior to WEN you would be amazed .

When I went to convention a couple weeks ago I couldn't believe  how little I package for hair care products .

I have tried the Sweet Almond ( which is what you get with your 1st shipment ) I orderd an extra bottle in the Cucumber ( a month later for my  convention trip ) and I have Pomagrate coming this month . All of them are fabulous so  I guess it's just what smell you like and they have LOTS  to choose from .

I am not affiliated with Wen just a very happy customer.

Here is my Sunday share video. I posted this video a few years back and thought I would share it again with you today.


Have a Wonderful Sunday friends!

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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