Hi Stampers :

 Happy Thursday friends !

I thought I would show you  some goodies that showed up in my mail box  over the last couple weeks .

Hugs card from Carolyn StoutThe 1st is a beautiful card from Carolyn Stout  who sent me this adorable card  with a  sweet note inside .

Thank you Carolyn  ( Love it )


Beautiful Bag from Gale SewellThe next  gift  comes from Gale Sewell  who sent me this  beautiful purple bag . OH my goodness  Love love love the color  and it  is such a nice bag  and I love the way it sits on my shoulder . Thank you Gale .

Business planner from Celia G Cawthon

The next  gift comes from  Celia G Cawthon  who sent me her Business Planner . I love it and the color  Celia .

Thank you so much.

Have a Wonderful Thursday friends !

and thanks for peeking in today

Until later … Happy Stampin!

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