Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

Lets start off today with something I did this last week for the 1st time ever in my life …  Now that it's over~  it's probably not that amazing or earth moving BUT  lets start from the begining ..

Hubby left from work which is usually before 6:00am  and when I get a phone call  that early I usually  start praying cause I know something  has happened . Don't you hate  those kind of ph calls? My heart sinks every time that  phone rings  early in the morning which doesn't happen much Thank you  God!

Hubby  has been driving Jessie's  last car ( 2002 Grand Prix ) and well as to be expected  when that phone rang he called to tell me he broke down  on telegraph  road.   I  had to go get him and the car  via a Tow  with his truck .

I never had to actually  tow someone  before so  you can  only imagine  what I was thinking . Was I going to drive the truck or was I going to drive the car in tow ???? hubby said since the car couldn't start  the power steering  was out and there was no way I could drive it . so  that left me driving the truck .. OH my goodness .

15 MPH  down a major road in the middle of  morning traffic  BUT Praise God   seriously It was like God blew the cars out of our way and  didn't stop much at any  traffic lights on our way home.. Which on a normal day driving  from there would be like 12 mins tops  driving 15 MPH  took us close to an hour . 

Praise God no one beeped at us/me  cause that would have freaked me out . Seriously Why do people have to do that anyway ???

Happy to report though once we got home guess what ? The tow rope broke & the car started  it just sounds like little gremlins are living  under the hood . God is so AWESOME!

So thats  1 of the many things on the list  to do  to take it in and see if it's worth fixing ..

New Pool Cover

This last week  we also recieved a new pool cover  for a really great price .. But then again when  hubby can do just about anything and everything that helps in the costs instead of having someone else install it .

Pumpkins Jess and Pat

Jessie and her B/F ( Pat)  carved pumpking this last week . Can you guess  who did what ?? Pretty clever HUH?

Pat's Pumpkin  is the Deer  and Jessie's is Minnie Mouse .

On more update:  My moms new phone . I did tell you  she upgraded right?  and BOY did she upgrade LOL! She  went from her old phone "The Brick" is what we all called it to the iphone .

Moms new phone

She is ( good thing you're sitting down )  texting and  loving everything about her new phone .  We seriously NEVER thought this day would arrive  & we are all so excited she  finally got a new phone 🙂 We  are so proud of her stepping out of her comfort zone  and getting the new phone ~ Way to go Mom!!

On a Funny note the guy at Verizon said we should donate her phone to the Antique Road show LOL!  also Mom was almost forced to get a new phone in the next few months anyway… because she was having a hard time finding batteries for it  ~ how funny is that ?

Pandora Bracelet hubby bought me

Hubby took me shopping at Jareds on Friday night and he bought me this new Pandora bracelet along with new silver earrings . WOW What did I do to deserve such spoiling ??  I must have done a fabulous job in that tow LOL!

Retired sets  for a new home :

Table of sets  done and uploaded

I have been uploading  retired stamp sets to my list  over the last few days .  The photo above show the sets I have done  and the other photo ( below)  is of the sets I still need to photograph & get uploaded ( yes those boxes under the table are filled with sets  that need to be uploaded too ~ YIKES! )

Table of sets that need to get uploaded

It may take awhile  to get them all uploaded But I keep saying "baby steps" a little at a time isn't so overwhelming right ?  .  Those I have  uploaded You can check them all out HERE .

There is also a Button/link to all my retired sets on the left hand side of my blog  incase you want  to check  the list out later .  The button says  "RETIRED FOR SALE" I will be adding more sets this upcoming week .

Here are some FAQ's about the retired  stamp sets :

  1. I welcome pay pal  payments and Personal Checks/ Money Orders  for those items you want .
  2. Please email me the set/s you want  with the email subject line RETIRED SETS  so I don't miss it ( well hopefully I don't )
  3. I will mark the stamp sets that  stampers have requested  as Spoken for/ SOLD   and those will not be available  unless  something falls through with the purchase .
  4. I will ship  the retired  sets within the USA Only please .
  5. Shipping : I will get the less expensive way  to ship for you BUT if the set/s you order fit into a Flat Rate priority envelope  this will be the way items will be shipped for $5.00 
  6. Clear / Wood mount sets : Since there are  a mix of sets over there Clear Mount ( C)  and Wood Mount ( W)   it would help when you email me your  request  for the sets you want if you could  put a C or W  by the item  this will make it easier for me to look it up on my hard copy list  for location .
  7. If you run your cursor over the photo it should show if the stamp set is spoken for/ sold. I will try and keep the updated

I am unable to embed todays Sunday Share video. Trust me it's worth the click .

Click HERE to view ~ LOVE IT!

Have a Fabulous Sunday Friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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