Cindy Elam

Hi Stampers :

Happy Wednesday Friends !

I thought I would share a few cards  that I have recieved from so many of you .

Today's cards came from:

  • Cindy Elam
  • Rita Santos
  • France Martin

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart !

Over the next week or so I will be sharing them with you.

Rita Santos

Tomorrow I will be sharing  with you the 2nd card we made at my stampers club  night last month  .

The crazy thing is I was going to do a video on that card for you but since tomorrow is Valentines Day  and I  won't be going downstairs  before then

so…. I will do  the same video  but change things  up a bit  when I am able to go downstairs .

France Martin

Great news my PT girl says we will probably be  working on stairs next week if all goes as planned YAHOO! 🙂 .

Tomorrow I will be getting the staples removed … I would really appreciate your prayers  around 11:30 am tomorrow  that the process  goes quickly and  without to much discomfort .  After all I have been through I am assuming the staple removal should be a breeze ~ I am trying positive :).

TMI ?  My hubby has been so amazing through all this . You know it is LOVE when for the last 13 days I lay around in my PJ's/underwear with my leg proped up no make up and not feeling very pretty  and he says to me ….Baby  You're HOT ! He's so awesome ! 

Side Note :My photo editing program is on my main computer downstairs  so the photos are not the best  and I am not  sure how to add the watermark for your name to your card ( I hope to fix them  when things get back to normal )

Thank you all again for your prayers  and well wishes 

I love you all !

Until later … Happy Stampin!

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