Tracy BradleyHi Stampers :

 Happy Thursday friends !

I am very blessed by all of you who sent me get well wishes  you will never know how you have touched my heart!

Mary K Wessling

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It seems like my whole life  turned upside down  that day I fell  and  I must admit  over the last few weeks I have had a few pitty party days .
( Very Thankful for my hubby's big shoulders to cry on) .

I  think Leslie said it all  on the very 1st day I met her  for PT in my home . She said with the last 2 knee replacements ( 2005/ 2007)   both were scheduled  and with this  accident  totally out of the blue turned everything upside down. 

The  little things I miss the most  cooking / cleaning / driving etc…  in some ways I feel  so helpless.  The progress is moving along  I just wish it were quicker . I get tired  sitting up  for more than 1-2 hours. Doctor says this will get better in time,  just alot of healing going on in my leg right now .

Getting more stable in my walking  but still have to  think  going up and down stairs …. Up with the good / Down with the bad .

The Goal  is to have me walking  as if NO one would ever know  what has happened .Very Thankful  for everyone who has/had  a part in my healing and recovery  and so very Blessed  to have all of you praying for me .  

Seen the  Doctor  who did my surgery on Monday and he is pretty impressed with how far I have come in 3 weeks with such an massive surgery .

He gave mea Rx for 4  weeks of out patient therapy, Which therapy   starts today … my 1st appointment  was Tuesday was mainly assessment on my in home PT progress and where I am right now .   I am happy to report since last friday with Leslie

  • Friday I got to 80 degrees myself
  • Tuesday I got to 88 degrees ( cold bend ) 
  • Friday with Leslie was 92 degrees
  • Tuesday  with Ashley ( out patient ) 95 degrees ( cold bend )

I was seriously so happy that I actually  got better  when I thought  I would have a set back  from Friday – Tuesday with no Therapist  for 4 days and just me doing all the excerises myself ~ Praise God ! 

Earlier  this week I was able to film a video which hasn't happened since Jan 31, 2013  when I fell . I am so excited to say that video will be posted tomorrow .  Thank you all so much  for your patience through all this .

 1 thing that I really  miss is making  videos and having fun stamping with all of you . Not sure when everything will be rolling at 100% but we are getting there 1 day at a time  & I am very  excited.

Not sure how long but hopefully very soon we will be back to stamping together again via my videos on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Just know I am missing all of you as much as you are missing me .

Sending BIG hugs to all of you !!!  

Have a Great day !

Until later..Happy Stampin!

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