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 Happy Sunday Friends !

I had one of those priceless moments this past Friday morning . I have to  rewind back to the day I fell on January 31, 2013 .

When hubby got me in the car and was driving me to the ER  I thought I had better call my  Doctor  that did my 2 knee replacements back in 2005/2007 ( Dr Nichols ) . When I called his office I told his secertary  I had fell and did something to my knee/leg  and she mentioned he was in surgery  and to head to the ER .

When I arrived to the ER  within 25 minutesDr Nicholas came to see me and  all I remember ( due to the medication)  is him telling me there was no way he would be able to fix my leg  and that he would find someone who would .

My hubby  told me Dr Nicholas stayed there with me/us  for over an hour  to get me stable  and  also got the doctors who would do my surgery  and also got everything in line for  the ambulance ride to the other hospital. Dr Nicholas  also got my leg into a stablizer  for the ambulance ride .  Praise God for Dr Nicholas . Having a familuar  face  there with us in the ER and  taking me under his wing  to help  when he didn't have to … Now thats what I call Above and Beyond . 

This past Friday we went to see Dr Nicholas and  I hugged him and Thanked him for everything he did  and he said  it was no problem  and I gave him  the card I posted above  with alittle gift inside .  He looked at my leg and was amazed how wonderful it looked . After our quick little visit we both hugged again  with all three of us  (Hubby , Dr Nicholas  and I)  having tears in our eyes .

I am so very Thankful for the people  who have  been taking care of me and for all those people  who are  put into my path  for whatever  reason I hope I also  become one of those people that go above and beyond . There is a Purpose  for everything  and I want my purpose to mean something  for God  and to  touch lives, Just like Dr. Nicholas  did for me and my family . You know what's even better ? He ( Dr. Nicholas )  had no idea he was doing something that meant so much to us  . He just thought it was  normal/ just the right thing to do .

Praise God for  all those people out  in the world that Just do the right thing  without even knowing it  or knowing  anyone else would notice . No matter if NO one notices  the right things we do, Just know God see's it ALL and that's all that truly matters !

I am so happy I could  tell Dr. Nicholas  face to face how much I appreciated all he did for me and my family.

Stamp set used on  todays card is called

Open Sea

  • (w)#123030
  • (c) #123032

One in a Million stamp set

  • (w)# 126380
  • (c)# 126382

Some of the items used on todays card  are no longer available  since I  used the same card  posted HERE I just changed a few things to give it to Dr. Nicholas ( Love this card ) .

Also this past Friday I found out I got (4 ) more weeks of Physical Therapy Praise God !  I also reached 111 degrees in my bend  and I am offically now working on the leg press machine YAHOO! 

I Still have alot of swelling  BUT I did finally get into my jeans for the 1st time last week . I can't tell you  how Great that felt too . Yeah my right leg is snug in them jeans BUT Hey  I really don't care ~ just sayin ~ LOL! When I told Ashley  she even high fived me .. Yeah we do that alot at therphy too ~ LOTS of milestone happening !   

Here is my Sunday Share ~  AWESOME!

P.S I love HUGS too 🙂

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Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!  

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