Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

We are starting to count down to Spring even though we got more snow last night with even more coming today .

Reminder :

  • Next Saturday night / Sunday morning we set our clocks ahead an hour ( Daylight savings time ).
  • March 20th is the 1st day of Spring~ I am so excited !

Happy to report  it's been 2 whole weeks since I started going to Dr. Mary with Maximized Living HERE  and I am feeling  so much better already,  I  still have a ways to go BUT I am on my way ~ Praise God!

Last week I did have a headache  after each adjustment ( Monday & Wednesday)  each time I told Dr. Mary  she would smile and say it's working  and opening  up  things that have been  shut down  for awhile . Plus my Atlas is off  and that  was  a BIG adjustment on Wednesday which was painful  on the right side  under ear BUT…

Happy to report after Friday's adjustment NO headache.

The other  Big adjustment is to my neck as well, which is  curving backwards instead of  forward  I have accounted this to the way I sit at the computer … so needless to say I have been  sitting  so straight now at the computer  it feels odd  BUT over time it will feel natural .

My hip pain is also from a crooked pelvis and a shorter leg ( my broken femur  leg is shorter since the surgery last year )  so Dr. Mary is  getting me inserts for my shoe to lift my leg  as well as balance out my  whole hip/ pelvis area while  adjusting it  to get it straight.

PLUS we are cutting out grain and sugar ( at least trying).

Here is my Sunday Share video for you today .


Have a Wonderful Sunday friends ! 

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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