Sneak Peek week of March 24-28, 2014

Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

Here is a sneak peek of what you all will be seeing this upcoming week on my blog .

All cards I will be sharing have already been sent out  to everyone  so I thought  it was pretty safe to share them  with all of you this week .

Today we are going to get our taxes done ~ Yahoo!

   HOG Chapter new members

Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned we were HOG members ? Here is a photo they posted on the HOG web site of the new members  who joined when we did .

This past week I have been baffled over the swelling in my hands I  mentioned it to Dr. Mary and she has no idea, So I have been doing the whole process of elimination.

The 1st to stop for a few days was the Omega  pills I started taking 2 weeks ago  and  it seems it wasn't that . Now I have stopped the Detox program  I started 2 weeks ago  and we are on day 2 seeing if that's  it . Both items Dr. Mary said I should be fine BUT  that's all I have  changed over the last 2 weeks  we shall see.

We are following the  meal plan in the book "Cruise Ship or Nursing Home" book ~ going good so far .

Jess and Pat's New Puppy Sam

A week ago Jessie and Pat rescued a  puppy  who's name is Sam and he is so cute . They are thinking he is about 5 months old, close the same age of Bao… But Bao is so much bigger.


Speaking of new furry friends … Look who we have as a guest on our front porch  YIKES!  Jessie has named him Carl and trust me he is NOT a pet!


I must ask what are some ideas  for getting him to go away . I have heard Ammonia will do the job . Please let me know any ideas .

This past Thursday  driving to the grocrey store  I hit a pot hole, lets just say $700.00 later I have a new tire and rim .

I got 2 new videos for you filmed  I was really debating on making the videos since my hands are so swollen ( can't wear my rings either )  But I filmed them so you will just have to enjoy my puffy fingers  this week LOL!

Weekly Dels until March24th,2014

Weekly Deals until March 24th click HERE

Sale-a-Bration last day March 31, 2014  Click HERE

Here is my Sunday Share video just another one of my favorites from Michael W. Smith.

I Love hearing everyone singing the words to this amazing song !


Have a Fabulous  Sunday Friends !

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