Hi Stampers,

Happy Sunday everyone .

This past week was  filled with  doctor appointments .

Happy to report I am feeling pretty good  and my RA  is doing great every once in a while

 I still get a flare up ( usually my hands )  

I just know  I need to take off my new ring  when that happens LOL!

OR it’s not coming off for at least 3 days .

I’m still doing Humira injection every 2 weeks,  

yes still a painful shot especially my right thigh 

( not sure why my right thigh  hurts and my left thigh doesn’t ) .

I  ice up the area for at least 20-30 minutes before and take shot out of the frig

45 minutes before injection.

YIKES! It still burns  really bad in right thigh.

I mentioned this to my  doctor and he said It could be the angle of the needle.

I have no clue but going to pay attention to that this month and see,

He also said I could try and stomach~  ugh No thanks,

 I’m sticking ( no pun intended ) with the thigh’s.

I followed up with my primary doctor  for my blood pressure and I’m

doing great as well  dropped some pounds,

  and  stopped  drinking my  favorite Starbucks.

 WOW what a difference that has made .

We finally turned on the central air Friday night ,

Which is you ask my Glitter Queens who have been to my home

for our yearly GQ retreat  all know in the past  I had to have it like the Arctic Blast LOL!

Happy to report NO Arctic Blast  this year….

 ( I think  that was all due to my BP being  way out of wack )

BUT…. we will see come middle of August  the Arctic blast may be  just a slight freeze Hee Hee!

Hubby is not doing the Hoka Hey this year  due to our Incentive trip with Stampin’Up!  

We are heading to Thailand .

He is planning  a ride with (2) of his great friends

( Opie ( James ) and Glenn )

heading to places unknown ( as of right now )  

just  lots of riding and 10 days of pure happiness.

Harley is back home after being in the shop for 8 months Dawn Griffith

We got hubby’s Bad Boy ( Road King Classic ) Harley back after being in the shop

since Oct 2017 …. Yes it seems like forever ….

Another really awesome thing about  picking his Harley up this past

 Thursday June 8th besides getting it back  was 

 that was the exact day  7 years ago we picked up his new

(Bad Boy Road King classic ) Harley up for the 1st time

when he got back from Iraq.  

We have always called it our Bad Boy bike  since it has the

really loud obnoxious pipes on it, OH so much fun to ride .

He is putting the Legend suspension on it

after he gets 450 miles on it ( breaking in the new transmission )

 and then it’s going to be riding smooth like the Ultra classic ~SWEET!

Hope your Sunday is  awesome!  

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Have an awesome Sunday  friends !  

Until Later.. Happy Stamping!

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