Happy Fathers Day card using the Polished Stone technique and the Country Livin' stamp set . card by Dawn Griffith

Hi Stampers,

Happy Sunday  friends  & Happy Fathers Day .

Here is a card I made  using the  beautiful stamp set

called Country Livin’

(w) # 141922

(c) # 141925

I have a video  later this week on

how I did this beautiful background.

Hope you enjoy  your Sunday with  that special man in your life .

Yesterday we went on a mystery ride with our Ladies of Harley and we all had so much fun!

We had (3) stops  1st stop was at a Leather shop  which was  so awesome!

A.M Leather stop #1 for group #1 on the Mystery Ride June 17, 2017

I got a new sparkly hat  and a new headband ( shown in photo below )

Then we were off to our 2nd location  which was lunch at Waltz Inn  so yummy .

We all got a group photo on the porch  after we ate

 Glenn is usually our group photographer ( inside joke)  since he is so good at selfies LOL!

But look who  graduated from Glenn selfie school academy 🙂

MY hubby . …He rocked the selfie group photos .

LOH Mystery Ride group photo June 17, 2017

The 3rd stop was for Ice cream at

Calder Bros. Dairy farm which was so  so good .

Calder Bros. Dairy Farm

Today  for Fathers Day we will be  heading out on another

Harley ride with my  cousins later this afternoon. 

Destination unknown  just enjoying the ride and  company  just like yesterday .

Yesterday for our ‘Day Off”  for eating

 I got him ( and I of course) a Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen .

Here’s  a photo of the cake and a couple other photos from our  day on Saturday together .

New Headband and Sparkly hat  and Hubby’s cake says

World’s Greatest Farter… I mean Father  LOL!  

Yes he loved it ! 

Saturday celebrating Fathers Day 2017 with my amazing Hubby

I  thought I better take a photo of it before we got into it because  it’ wasn’t  as pretty  after LOL!

 I actually bought it Friday  afternoon  

so we could  have it for  our  morning breakfast  Saturday ( off day) .

Our thinking is having a “FREE  Day”  has NOT effected our weekly plan  

(2) reasons why it’s working for us 

#1. Day off  gives us  something to look forward to,

plus it’s  teaching us delayed gratification 

nothing happens over night like  everything else in the  fast pace world we live it .

( email/ texting/ Facebook/ etc…)

losing weight is NOT  an over night process

 ( I wish it was, Trust me I wish there was a easy button )

Plus our FREE Day  doesn’t fluctuate by life events  this teaches us LIFE goes on

 we need to adapt, the more we do it the stronger we will be  ….

YES  it’s NOT easy but we are doing it .

Our official day we started was April 28th, 2017 

Our weight in days / taking measurements

are on Saturday’s  which is also our FREE day .

 #2  Having a FREE day  doesn’t hurt  our weekly plan .

that would be like  saying

 if we eat off 6 days a week and then eat clean and perfect for 1 day

 is that 1 day eating good going to help or hurt ?

probably won’t make a different either way.

 Having ( 1)  FREE day a week is  working great for us .

Hubby has lost 22 lbs and I’ve lost 19 lbs as of yesterday.

 Yes  we are doing it the old fashion way,

Nothing quick and easy on  this plan .

 It’s not  easy but, staying focused and food prep

is the HUGE thing for us .

What’s our FREE day ?

Our free day is (1) whole day / once a week ( Saturday’s)

We get to eat whatever we want all day .

NO guilt / No exercise .

The other (6) days are very structured with eating 6-8 times a day

a lot of  fresh whole foods.

We are NOT starving our body  we are fueling our body with healthy food .

our new plan is

90% percent  food and 10% exercise .

I can control what I am eating,  

exercise isn’t so much in my  every day control  

some days I have a flare up’s & lets face it life just happens and we all have busy lifestyles 

I’m lifting weights to tone .

I am actually looking for a Power Block of weights .

Their kind of pricey but keeping my eyes on amazon  for a set .

Nothing much in lifting 5 lbs currently I do NOT aim for a

body builder type of body just nice and toned.

I am also walking on the tread mill for 10-15  mins aiming for  2-3 days a week .

that’s definitely a hit or miss ( working on that ) .

I also do my wobble  disc I got from my chiropractor.

Personally  I think that does more for my body than anything else .

I do (3) different stretches  each day 30 of each .

Whatever we  do now  with this new plan, we always think

“Can we do this  for the rest of our life?” 

That’s the trick …

Fade diets never work  long term ( the weight always comes back. )

 PLUS  working out for hours every day

That’s just putting stress on my body that I already  know I will never  

be able to exercise  the rest of my life at that pace  …

Plus I don’t have time to work out  for hours  every day

( I have to stamp of course … This girl does have a few  priorities LOL! )  .

Low impact is what works best  for me!

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Have a wonderful Fathers Day  friends !  

Until Later.. Happy Stamping! 

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