Hi Stampers,

Happy Sunday friends ! 

We made it back from Thailand  and we are both so happy to be home .

The total flight time was 22 hours  (1 way).

 that is seriously the longest  time flying for both of us  and  

 we don’t want to fly that long again  for awhile . 

It was a trip of a lifetime.

I  am trying to get all our photo posted in  photo gallery

 so until we get them all  loaded you cn check out the ones

 we have so far  posted HERE .

A couple things  we got crossed off the bucket list  was  a fish spa  which hubby did

( I was  to freaked out  about bacteria  and germs to do it )  with my  RA and my immune system I do NOT want to push the envelope  so I  lived through him  .

We got  the Rolled ice cream and we got to see it made right in

front of us which was amazing and so yummy !

 I felt like we were on the travel channel when watching them make it .

Another highlight was  checking out the Elephants, hubby got to ride one as well .

I was  going to  get on one but  decided not to …

I did get to feed the elephant  which that was  awesome ! 

Stamping up! gave us such an amazing room

 I was telling everyone I  seriously thought it would have been Shelli & Sterlings room

 but WOW our room .  

NO way????

 right on the lazy river

 we seriously walked right out our patio and the lazy river was right there .

It was so awesome !

It was so hot and humid I  told my hubby I will NEVER

complain about the humidity in Michigan ever again .

Like  usual I did way over pack ( Making a metal note  for next time )

 the one thing I was so HAPPY I packed  was my  hat

I wasn’t going to take it but decided to at the last minute

 Thank GOODNESS  I did because the humidity  made my hair look like a Q tip ( NOT kidding )

I  was only planning on packing my  sun visor for the pool but  so happy

I  ended up taking my hat ( which I wore every single day .

BEST thing ever  in my luggage !!! 

I would have never left the water  if it were up to me, but there was a lot of other things to take part of . Make & Takes, catching up with friends , stamping up had 2 events planned for the whole group  the 1st was a  boat ride out to the Gypsy Island / Floating  village .

 The Final night event was  wonderful .

The event  was held  at the Blue Elephant  Amazing sights  and food  

even though it rained  we were all under a hug tent .

The  welcome  was  stunning  with Girls in Thailand costumes

who  gave us  wrist flowers that smelled heavenly .

It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

A  big huge Thank you to all my wonderful customers,

my amazing Glitter Queens team  and to Stampin’Up! 

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