Hi Stampers,

Happy Tuesday friends ! 

I thought I would share a  few photos

from our amazing Glitter Queens retreat

this past weekend.

The ladies  started rolling in  on Thursday  after dinner . 

This is our 5th annual retreat and everyone  knows their way around our home.

  I love that  that make  my home their home . After everyone

  got  things unpacked from their car and into their rooms  we headed down stairs to stamp.

(Kathy arrived Saturday morning )

I had 2 project kits for them  to make  1st one was the new Timeless Tiding Kit

  which has  beautiful Christmas card  to make.

They are so  easy and  and fun to make  everyone  got 1) of each of the 4 cards  in the kit. 

We all  then made the Sincerely Santa Project kit of Tags.

The tags are  so sweet and  everyone made

(1) each of the 5 designs ~ well  they made 4 of the  designs,

I had made one of the designs  for one of their pillow gifts  they ended up getting all 5 designs.

  Here are  a few other photos  from our  event .


Stacey brought these yummy  donuts they  looks  to  pretty to eat

Plus  for Stacey’s  1st pillow gifts she gave us all scratch off lottery tickets .

Davette won $25  and Kris  won $2  …it was fun scratching all of them off  

We  really didn’t take many photos this year .

The  last evening together  (Saturday) we went to Bad Brads BBQ ( so yummy)


which everyone loved and  a few said it wouldn’t hurt them any if we go back next year 🙂

We did a little  retail therapy  after dinner … we went to Five Below and  then to the Dollar store .

Davette   got her annual Harley  ride with my hubby to dinner and shopping  but  got caught in the rain.  

We came back and  got our PJ’s on and did some more stamping.

All the ladies  brought  so much yummy  food  for Lunch and Dinner  .

 I  stuck with my new eating plan but OH my  it smelled so so GOOD~ 

of course the ladies  said it all tasted disgusting LOL! 

 ( Thanks ladies xo )

One other thing ( there were so many ) 

the ladies  helped me make  all my  bag tags  for  my club ladies  this upcoming Saturday .

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get them all done  by Saturday .

Thank you  all so very much ! You all ROCK

Thank you Davette for kicking that Bag Tag mission off.

One more thing before I sign off  we had a guest for a couple days 

Logan came over and got to hang out with us  for awhile .

All the ladies loved him and he loved them too .

Kathie even put  glasses and  headband on him,  for what a  cutie .

Logan  just laid  around everywhere.  

 I’m so thankful for all these ladies for making this weekend 

so  extra special  in more ways they may never know . 

Thanks for peeking in today .

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Have a fabulous day friends !

Until Later… Happy Stamping

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