711_inspriation Changed theme back to my Purple one ~  So YES you are in the right place .. Just in case you were wondering 🙂  You know me and PURPLE!!! Plus I thought If I changed my theme  It would   send out  vibes that I  am sooo OVER winter  Hee! Hee!  For a fun post I thought I would share a  wee bit of Inspiration I came across.

The idea/ Inspiration came from  this simple 7-Eleven pouch to hold  Taquitos Which my  daughters loves  and  we get her 2 of them every Sunday  while stopping in  for my  coffee  before heading to church . One  Sunday I   kept the  pouch  and told Jessie I was  going to use this  for  a card idea , She looks  at me with one of her  Crazy looks  you know ~ one eyebrow up  and says WHAT?  Guess you had to be there ..  Anywho  here is the card I made using the pouch  for inspiration . I  wanted to make it  with a LOVE theme  instead of a food  theme. Hope this inspires you  to  look at everything in a  new light . 

Thanks  for  sharing a part of your Saturday with me today and I will see you  all again  tomorrow ..

Until then .. Happy Stampin!