Get_well_soon_waterbottle I made this  with the idea  coming   from my new  stampin friend Rachel  Spano and her Hubby Jason ( You guys ROCK!) Rachel mentioned  that her hubby  thought  it would be  cute to make  this  holder made  with the  face   from the PICK A PETAL stamp set .. You can see the  card that  this idea  came from HERE  Plus  watch the  video there also .  Jason  mentioned  that we  could put  something  inside the holder to   help with  someone feeling under the  weather .. something like a  Vitamin C  drink, or  something  I thought of  was maybe chicken soup  etc… But all I had were these  Crystal  light  orange  packets  at the time .  I think it is  still cute as can be .. Thanks  guys for  your  awesome idea .

Yesterday Jessie and I went to the medical clinic  her for a sore throat and me  for the lower  part of my calf  well it turns out I have  a infection  and Jessie is fine  BUT here comes the BAAAADDD news I had to get a  BIG HUGE SHOT IN MY BUM  Ouchie  man that thing  hurt so bad But I  put my  big girl panties  on  yesterday and didnt even cry Boo Hoo   (  I sure  wanted to though) as soon as the needle came in the room Jessie was out the  door~Gee  whiz where’s  the support  when I need it  anyway ?   I swear that thing  felt like a sledge hammer  on my bum  Funny thing was  that the nurse said is was going to hurt  and I just laughed ( silly me ) geezzzz oh petes I haven’t had a shot in my bum in over 2 decades  and how bad could it be, I mean  really I give my self  injections with embrel twice a week in my thigh for my  RA.   BOY  was I in for a shock !   after about  20mins of  rubbing my  butt cheek  and  not sitting  down it seemed to be alot better.. Now I have to take  antibotic  for 10 days  HUMMM Why couldn’t he have just given me the pills without that SHOT ? well I go back today and have a check on my leg  and all I got to say Is  I will  NOT  NOT NOT get another Shot  No way No how ! It  was  terrible  OH the pain… OK  well maybe not as bad as my  2 knee replacements  BUT it still HURT ! Now I have  a reason  to  take a picture of my bum  and send it to hubby wink wink !   I know he would have  stayed  in the room with me . Hey,I do not usually  call "It" my bum.. I have to remember I have younger  audience (I have been told ) that visits my  blog ( Love  those little ones  that love to stamp  along with me too!)

Hi  little  guys & gals! 

Thank  you  for visiting  me today  ( I think I got my fix  for the smiley Faces in  for the week )  ok just one more for the day . I will catch  you  all  again tomorrow.

Until then … Happy Stampin!!