Face_lift_with_car_model_1 Hi  stampers ..

I got my  Grand Prix back yesterday late afternoon  and it is sooo  pretty YAHOO!! .. As much as I  enjoyed driving my  hubbys fancy truck I sure missed driving my  car  even if it was for only 3 days. Here is  a new photo of the face lift  my car received  along with a  Super cute Car Model LOLClarkston  Auto body did a Fabulous  job .  Car_model  I received  the Car Model AKA Mr Crabby pants  from my blogger friend  ALANA  she mentioned to me she was at the Seattle airport and seen something  that made her think of me  and  Guess what she bought it  for me … He is sooo stinkin cute .. you  wind  him up and  he crawls sideways  OH my goodness  Thank you  so Much Alana  I  Love  your  gift  and thank you  for thinking of me .. Long live MR.Crabby pants Hee! Hee!

My_new_tulips Also look  whats blooming  at my  house .. Oh I Love  my  tulips . Just wish they  lived longer.. I even have ones that are  mix  colors this year  sooo pretty .. 

Jessie_41908 Today Jessie Has a 1/2 day of school  YAHOO!!  then she  goes to the Chiropractor

Tomorrow  Jessie and I are going to the DETROIT TIGERS game  at Comercia park in Detroit with  some friends.  We get to go on the field and meet  alot of the players  and do a few activities  on the field also  Then we all are staying to watch the game  which Tigers play the  LA Angels  gonna be a  super fun day, I’m the 1st to admit I am not a  Huge  baseball fan in general  But Looking  forward to hanging  out  with my  friend Linda  and the whole gang . Will have  some photos  to share last  this week .

Until later .. Happy Stampin !!