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Happy Sunday Friends !

Wallet closed Today is the BIG day  Just like all the  events  in my  life  it seems like it  takes  forever  for the BIG day  to arrive  and  then it will  be over in a  flash.

Wallet opened SU! Luggage Tags ~ 4 Speaking of  the cruise Look what SU! sent me in the mail for our trip ~ name tags , flight tickets, (4) Luggage tags, infomation booklet  with all the  activites planed  for each day , 1st incentive trip pin.Booklets SU! cruise

 1st Incentive trip pin PLUS  the  Fabulous  wallet with the  SU! logo  and look at  the inside it looks like  the new designer paper Island Oasis  from Summer  mini ..

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2010Cruiseheadersmall Today starts Dawn's  Cruising  special:

Starting Today  April 25- May 2, 2010

 For  your 1st $50.00 spent ( before S&H and tax ) you  will recieve 1 Extra FSM token 

So  when your order reaches $50.00 ( before S&H and tax )  you  will  get Not 1 FSM token BUT  (2) FSM tokens

For  your order  that reaches 100.00 ( before S&H and tax )  you  will recieve not (2) FSM tokens  But  (3) FSM tokens  and so on …

Just a quick reminder  the  extra FSM token will be  applied only  to your 1st 50.00 spent .

Bowzer #1 Bowzer's Experience:

Last Sunday I had  a BIG scare  with our  sweet Bowzer . I woke up  Sunday morning  and he was panting  heavily  and  could NOT walk   he seemed alittle  confused  with his Head moving back and forth . 

I called my hubby ( NO answer ) Jessie was spending the night at a Ash's  Saturday  to Sunday.  I then called my mom  and Her  thought  was that he  may have had a Stoke  and  to give him a baby asprin ASAP!  which he  took ( Praise God !)   I then gave him another asprin after 1 1/2 hours  had passed and still he  couldn't stand let alone walk .

 This continued  for  almost 4 hours  Then when he  did stand  he was  sooo unstable  and  seemed  like he was  experiencing veritgo  since he  couldn't walk straight,  turn around or walk backwards . Poor baby Bowzer . 

 Bowzer is  getting old and is at least  9 yrs old .Since we got him from the Humane Society  we really never  found out his correct age  except  he was around 2 or so. With that estimate of his age  we figure he is  at least 9 yrs old  or so now .

 around 10:30am he seemed like my old Bowzer  He was able to focus  on me when I talked  to him and  was  acting like his old self   still not 100%  stable  while walking BUT  at least  he was walking  He  finally  ate  his food and  drank a ton of water  Praise God .  Bowzer loves  to eat   but  while  this was  all happening  He didnt  want  anything to do with food / water .

Seriously I   don't know who was more  scared  him or me . As the day  proceeded  Bowzer was like my shadow  all day  even more so than normal . He just wanted  to be  with me whereever I went.

  Bowzer would follow me  EVERYWHERE. 

Even if I needed  to take  him to the vet I wasnt  sure how  I was going to do this  since Jessie had the Grand prix and I had the truck  My mom  has a Surburban  truck  and  trying to lift a 90 lb dog into a truck comfortably  seemed  overwhelming .  We didn't end up taking him  to the vet  since he seems  totally normal now .

 I am not sure if it was a stroke , a seizure, or even vertigo  I really  don't know  and  I just pray he never has this happen again !  

Please Can you  pray  for my Mom and Bowzer while we are away That everything  continues  to be normal  for Bowzer .  My Mom will be house sitting  and taking care  of Bowzer  while we are  cruising . Thank you  sooo very much !

I have a couple Sunday share videos for you today .

 This is a Song from Miley Cyrus   "When I look at you"  from her new movie The last Song ( sweet movie by the way )  really can be Speaking of  Christ even  though the video  shows a relationship  between  a boy( Liam Hemsworth ~ who is a Cutie pie )  & girl  But  can be  about Christ . 

When I  listen to the words  It's amazing  how Thinking of Christ really changes  the whole song  and meaning ..


Ok one more video for you .. This  video is just amazing  . I really  would have NO clue how  long  this would take  to set  up  and or  how many takes it  took to put on film ( OH MY goodness) .

By the looks of the smashed TV's in the background  alot of takes were made  to film this short 3 1/2 min video  . After watching this video makes me think my videos seem so easy to make Hee! Hee!

 But like  I mentioned above  so many things  in our life  seems  like the proccess  of waiting  or in this case setting  up takes so long to   reach but is over in a matter of seconds  Here is a good example  of  that  thought . It's  actually  the Journey  that makes it  so worth while .. The end  result  is always GREAT  too 🙂

This too shall pass by OKGO  Enjoy the fun video below

 Have a Blessed Sunday friends .

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