Glitter Queens with Shelli & Sara Hi Stampers :

My special Day with Shelli  actually  started out  with my Glitter Queens ( DL) meeting.

Shelli Gardner So many of  my Glitter Queens  wanted to attend  this huge event But the time  and work schedules  got in the way  Boo Hoo!  But they were all on my mind  as I had Jessie & Ash  video taped so much of the event  for them  that couldn't attend.  

 1st on the agenda was of course all the excitement to actually see ,talk, and even hug Shelli IRL .Oh my  gosh what a Thrill.  

We then had a mini swap  and we all made (2)extra for Shelli & Sara. I will  share those with you  soon .That was alot of  fun

 Everyone waiting for the big shot I am so not  good  at keeping surprises  to myself ( It is sooo very hard ) so 1st thing  for me  was  to get all the little surprises out of the way…  WHEW ! Thank goodness too cause  there  would have been no way  to keep it under wraps   till the end   so here  are  the gifts  I gave everyone  Yup Shelli  and Sara  got all the goodies  too 🙂

Shelli sharing her story and Q&A time Downline gifts meeting with Shelli Inside  each  Gusseted  envelope # 115693  had (4) of Dawns favorite things ( Kinda like Oprah's favorite things   Hee! Hee! )  inside  held Glitter , Dimensionals , 2-way glue pen and a dauber  with a  SU! pen

 Plus they got a matching folder  with the project worksheet  and the M&T items they needed to make  their 2 projects Plus the (2) color renovation flyers inside.

I also made a small sample template of a new product we are getting in the summer mini for each of them . LOVE IT!!

Glitter Queens I  had mentioned to all my Glitter Queens in my newsletters to have  them bring the  paper snip scissors . Shelli & JudyI told them they would need  them since didn't have enough for everyone  BUT  there was  another reason that I didn't  share  with them  Yes I was being a little sneaky Tina and Dee But Hey I didnt  want  to give  all the  surprises  away  in the newsletter .

  Sara and Shelli picking their scissor charm I made all my  Glitter Queens a Special Scissor Charm   and YUP  gave one  to Shelli  and Sara  too 🙂  So much fun playing Santa. ( stay tuned video is coming on what I did to make them  extra special Scissor charms ) 

Fun Fun Fun For the  Glitter Queens meeting  I had prepared 2 cards for them to make  using the  Big shot  (1)  was  a 3×3 thank you note  and  a matching full size card  which  that video will be  coming soon .  Sara and Shelli making Dawns M&T Shelli  and Sara Both made  my M&T's  OH  my gosh so exciting!

Shelli signing my brand new cutting plates she used 1st I had  a Brand new set of acrylic cutting plates for the big  shot  and I told everyone  Shelli  was  going to be  the 1st  to use them …  Stamping fun with my Glitter queens and Shelli Shelli  really  didn't  want  to be  the 1st cause she  said  they  looked  so pretty  and couldn't  remember the last time hers looked like that , Harriet but she did  make the 1st pass  through the Big shot   and  she even signed  the  plate for me afterwards ( see photo)   how cool is  that 🙂

Jan Tink 4-7-2010 **Special  guest  to my Glitter Queens meeting was Jan Tink . Ya know what? We live in the same state  and  just 35 or so mins away from each other But only hook  up at SU! events Convention /Regionals  Why is  that I ask ? hummm maybe she is  to busy stalking Shelli Hee! Hee! JK

 If there is anyone that totally gets the "Shelli factor" like me >>  It's Jan <<< Hee! Hee!  So it  was perfect  to have  her join me & my  fabulous glitter queens  on this very special  day with Shelli  too ..

Check out Jan's Blog HERE for  her view of the  amazing night  with Shelli . Then pop on over to Shelli's Blog HERE  and  read her post of our  evening together WOWZIE!


Jess and Ash Jessie had made  such a wonderful connection  with Shelli . Jessie was 1 excited teenager. 

 Jess was so suprised that Shelli looked just like she does in her photos .. and Jess told Shelli that and Shelli  giggled.

 Plus  many  at both events  were talking  about Jessie and Ash's  funny  video HERE   Shelli said she was  going to have  to check it out . Boy  is she in for a shock 🙂

Yup stay tuned  those 2 crazy girls have another one on the way  RE: The workshop of a lifetime.

 Name tags for workshop of lifetime & glitter queens meeting with Shelli Gadner 4-7-2010 The girls will be  giving a Shout out  to Shelli  and Sara  and a few  others  from this awesome event . I can hardly  wait  to see what  they do this time .. OH Brother

After both events  were over as I was finishing up taking orders  from the workshop of a lifetime Shelli & Sara of all people stayed  and helped us clean up everything ~sooo sweet !

 Having this Workshop of a Lifetime with Shelli will be the most treasured moment in my  life. 

The Last Photo of the evening  after cleaning up was a request from my hubby in Iraq. He had sent Jess a  text  and mentioned he wanted  to have a picture of Shelli & I. Oh my gosh we squeezed  each other so tightly for the photo to send  to him via text  message I felt I was going to break Shelli  in half  cause she is sooo little .

I would post the photo But even photoshop can't  clear it up  But if  you  can imagine a tube of toothpaste being squeezed  Yup that was Shelli  and I. What a Sweetheart !    

More to come… Stay tuned  for the gifts I was given. LOVE THEM!! 

Thanks  for peeking in today  

Until later.. Happy Stampin! 

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