Sara, Dawn & Shelli 4-7-2010 Hi Stampers :

WOW if only  both events  lasted as long as excitement of the anticipation .

Shelli  being here Reminded  me of Christmas day .. Workshop of a Lifetime with guests I couldn't  wait  till the big  day was here  to rip into those gifts  when I was  younger .    Wishing   the BIG day  would last alittle longer and not be over  which seemed  like only minutes.

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 Shelli 4-7-2010Sara showing the M&T name tag for pens It was Amazing . Shelli is  sooo AWESOME! I  really  don't know who  was more  star gazed with her  actually being  in the same room  with all of us .

Shelli  had arrived  to the Hotel conference room  I had reserved for the Big day of events. We had plans  to  get something  to eat  before the event/s started  since the  evening  was jammed packed  with 2 events  starting at  5:00pm 

Shelli signing all the name tags before event We grabbed  something to eat  at the Hotel  cafe'  and WOW  having alone time with Shelli and Sara  was just what I needed to set my nerves  at ease . 

More signing for Shelli I had been following her  blog HERE  ever since these amazing events  started  and I noticed  in just about every post  she made re: the event  she mentions  her being nervous ..Jess Shelli and Ash OH MY GOODNESS! I never  thought  that  for  a single moment  Shelli  would be nervous, Since this Workshop of a lifetime  was her baby from the get go .. I really  don't think she knew what she was getting into  Jet setting  across  the USA and Canada  for 24  very blessed Demonstrators. 

Name tags for everyone using My Digital studio  After having  a handful of  the  workshop of a lifetime events  already before coming  to me,( I am #12 of 24 )  Shelli made my workshop of a lifetime seem like the 1st one on the list, Dawns Name tag signed by Shelli With No signs  of  being tired , No signs of being less excited to be repeating  the event again for me  and all my  guests . Shelli is  just so Wonderful !

Sara and Shelli picture taking M&T with Shelli I had a request  for Shelli  to sign all the name  tags  I had made  for everyone  ahead of time  with My Digital studio so it  wouldn't  take  time out of the actual event  for Autographs  from  the One  and Only  Shelli Gardner  Co founder and CEO of Stampin Up!  Something  super sweet is I got to autograph Sara & Shelli's  name tag ..   

Shelli & Sara setting up for workshop of a lifetime Shelli  had everything  for the  workshop of a lifetime  and  this was  the 1st time I actually  attended  a workshop  without doing all the preparations . Workshop of a lifetime 4-7-2010 Shelli It was sooo awesome  to see her  excitement  as  everything  flowed  and how  everyone  was hypnotized  by her presence . Seriously  It was AMAZING!!

Shelli's gifts for me at event Through out the evening I  had to pinch myself  often  to  make sure I wasn't dreaming.  Shelli gave me all the projects she stamped  for the workshop .

Shelli's display board for event Shelli  brought this amazing  display  to set on her table. LOVE IT!! 

Shelli's M&T for everyone at Workshop of a lifetime We all got to make her  project she brought  for all of us to make .   sooo super cute ! We used the Brand new  Awash with Flowers  stamp set  for our card

Shelli demonstrated this card at workshop of a lifetime 4-7-2010 Just look at how adorable her projects are 🙂

 Gift from Shelli Thank you so much Shelli  for everything . Words can not express what an amazing  woman  Shelli is and How very Blessed I am  to be a part of your world with Stampin'Up! . I  Really LOVE my job.  

Dawn, Shelli and Jan Tink Stay tuned for even more updates tomorrow from my Glitter Queens  meeting .  I have  so many photos  from the events  that I will share over the next few days .

I will give  you a  sneak peek of who  else came 🙂 My Friend JAN TINK  was there !!

What an Amazing Night something I will NEVER EVER  forget !! Thank you Shelli & Sara  & Stampin Up!  This Truely was a Workshop of a Lifetime !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!