Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday Friends!

I thought I would share  even more photos  with you  today from Alaska . What an amazing  time we had .

We did  see  at least 2  unusual  things  while we were in Alaska .

Just  click on photos  to enlarge  your viewing .

#1  We seen this lady walking her bunny  rabbit  and yes notice the leash on the bunny  and   the bunny  was even sitting up  to have Jessie take it's photo how funny is that 🙂

The Lady walking her bunny  told us the Bunny's  name But  I wouldn't even  begin to try and pronounce it  let alone  spell it  for you …But  she did say it  meant  Appetizer in Japanese. Hummm  that was kinda freaky  to say the least 

Bunny on a leash  in Alaska  2011
Bunny sitting up
#2  While in Skagway  Alaska  we stopped into a gift store  Oh my  that gift store was amazing  and  you  will never ever guess what I found  there ( Sooo funny) 

 I am not  sure  whats  funnier  finding  pickled  toothpaste  and pickled  tooth picks  in the store or me actually   buying  them.

  Pickle toothpaste  &  toothpicks  from Alaska  cruise
While in Ketchikan Alaska  we  rented this tiny  electric car / golf cart  sooo cute  and yes we even drove it on the main road .

Had  to snap a photo of Jessie  sitting in the back seat ..

Golfcart car in Katchikan
Jessie in  golfcart  car Ketchikan
Here are a couple more photos of Tracy Arm Fjord with the icebergs  sooo beautiful . Jessie  snapped these pictures .

Beautiful waterfall
Tracy Arm Fjord  #1 Icebergs
Here are a couple  pics Jessie  got on her camera  of the whales we were waiting to  get on film. The closest  photos she got  were the whales  when they came to the  top to blow .

( look really close LOL )  Plus  she got    this photo of  some sea lions 


Whale  blows
Sea lions
  Click HERE  to  view my Alaska photo  album

Here is my Sunday share  video for you . It's so sweet


Have a Wonderful Sunday  Friends

See you  all tomorrow .

Until later.. Happy Stampin!


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