Happy Dance  at leadership 2012

Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

I thought I would share some photos ( click on them to enlarge your viewing if you like )  from  Leadership  with all of you today  I have alot more  in my Leadership photo gallery HERE  if you want  to check those out I will add more over the next week or so .

Leadership was  so amazing . Stampin'Up! contacted me  about 2- 2/12 months ago and  asked if I would  like to do a presentation  for leadership  OH my goodness thats a 1st time for  to do anything in front of  this many people (well VBS  doesn't count ).

I mentioned to them It would be so much better if I could  do a video with my hands  talking  instead  But guess that's not what they really wanted LOL !

Meg and I at Leadership 2012
I was chatting with my dear sweet friend Meg ( see photo of us above )  and she said  just  to enjoy  it cause it goes by so fast …

Presentation #1
Presentation #2
Presentation #3
So with that in mind   I thought it would be fun to take a photo of everyone  that attended  my (3) presentation  sessions ( photos)   it was super fun  and  on the count of 3  we all said HI STAMPERS!!!  It was so Awesome !! 

WOW!!!  YOU all  made me feel  so comforable up there talking & seriously by the 3rd presatation  I was all warmed up LOL !

Joan Jana and I at Dinner 2-19-2012
Waiter with the card we made at dinner
The next highlight of Leadership was hanging out with my Glitter Queen Joan and our new friend Jana .

WOW what a bunch of laughs we had . We went to dinner out of the beaten path to Piatti  …so yummy and I bought Make and Takes for us  to make  while we waited for dinner to arrive  Plus look at our Cutie pootie  waiter  with the card  I gave him.

  We laughed cause it said "Love you just the way you are " ( You can view the video on this card HERE )  But of course we said he could give it to his girlfriend  and he said  Yeah or my mom ~ so cute !

Jana, Joan, and I at Chick-Fiil-A
The 2nd  night we went to Chick-Fil-A  Oh my goodness we had so much fun there ~tons laughing  We think the Police officers  sitting behind us thought  we must have been on something .. Well yeah we were  high on Stamping  DUH!!

Gwen and I Leadership 2012
Becky Roberts and Friends
Donna and I Leadership 2012
Dawn , Dawn R , Patty & Kristine Leadership 2012
Me with Joyce our  Million dollar girl
Joyce and I with our  Private Joke
So many friends … Just  a few  photos of  my sweet friends I got to meet up with at leadership this year .

Plus not sure if you all know this or not about me BUT  when I started making videos I was contacted  by many deaf stampers  and they requested that I do overlays  on my videos since they couldn't hear me talking & guess what?  I got to meet 2 of those beautiful stampers at Leadership ( below) .

Leadership 2012 Sweet friend #1
Leadership 2012 sweet friend#2
Isn't that amazing ! I love  it when things like this happen ( Once in a lifetime  for sure ) .

 For my Sunday Share I thought I would share with you a video from Leadership .  Stampin'Up! announced a stamp room make over contest  and Tamzin Cochrane Won the contest and the video  below shows the Make over  of her Stampin room. So much fun!  


Ok 1 more Sunday Share for you . Thanks Gina 🙂


Have a Fabulous Sunday Friends !

Thanks  for peeking in today  .

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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