Fabulous Dee Slater
Hi Stampers :

Since My Workshop of a lifetime with Shelli  back in 2010  my Hubby and Dee seemed to be thinking the same thing and at Convention  my hubby and Dee ganged up on me ( in a loving way of course )

So on July 19th, 2011  things  started  with a simple email from Dee and with my hubby in Dee's corner who could say NO LOL . (  Side note to Dee: Your email was the sweetest thing and I will keep it forever )

Seriously you know that old saying Great minds think alike … well Dee and my hubby were thinking of the same thing without even knowing the other one was thinking the same thing…How amazing is that ?

Dee is the 1st to get the Glitter Queens Workshop of a lifetime and let me just say~ It was a Blast !

I am so excited to say that we have 2 more Glitter Queens workshops of a lifetime coming up with at least 2 more coming in the future .

Dee is such a sweetheart so genuine and so adorable her excitement of being a SU! demonstrator is very contagious . I am so blessed to have her as my friend and a part of my Glitter Queen stamping team . Thank you Dee for everything .

Glitter Queens workshop of a l;ifetime team meeting
Dee had a downline meeting before her actual workshop of a lifetime and this event was held at 10 am and OH my goodness all her girls are so sweet and sad to say a few couldn't attend the event .

We had so much fun … Dee provided the Make & Take for all of us and guess what ? They had a card swap and they all made an extra swap for me~ OH my goodness so awesome ! All their cards are soo beautiful I will share those with you tomorrow .

Springtime tree  with Dee
Here is the sweet tree ( above) that we all got to make was Dee's Fabulous M&T for all of us and everyone LOVED it and we all had so much fun making the cute flowers and adding the adorable Bufferflies to all the tree branches .

Glitter Queens workshop of a lifetime with Dee
Joan , Kia & June at Dee's workshop of a lifetime  2012
Dee's Workshop of a lifetime  2012
Joan Me and Dee Fun times
The Wokshop of a lifetime started at 2:00pm and Dee had a total of 13 of us there. WOWZIE what a fun group of girls .

(This weeks videos will be what we made at the Workshop of a lifetime with Dee as well as what we made at my Club meeting a couple weeks ago)

Thank you Dee for welcoming me into your beautiful home and sharing a wonderful day with you and all your Fabulous friends .

Thanks for peeking in today.

Have a Wonderful Tuesday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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