Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday friends !

This past Friday we got our Sleep number bed  delivered. We went from a queen size to a king size mainly because hubby is so tall (6'5").

While  putting the sheets on I did something to my right shoulder.

Sleep Number bed i8I am not sure what I did but I can't seem to move my arm  forward  or above my chest without a sharp pain .

I was thinking I had my shoulder out of join and then my friends on FB mentioned it could be Frozen shoulder…  I am not sure what has happened . If it doesn't feel better by tomorrow I will go to the doctor  and see what's going on .

So needless to say I can't stamp  and didn't film any videos for this week ( sorry) .

I will share  items I made before  this all happened along with a couple super cute  Christmas cards I recieved in the mail  last week .

We got some happy  news My Father in law and Jody are coming up from TN  for Christmas . We are all so excited !

Here is my Sunday share video for you .


Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

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