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Happy Sunday Friends !

I thought I would post for my Sunday Share on what all happened with my leg. Seems there was a little confusion on what happened since my hubby and daughter were both trying to keep everyone updated on face book.

Hubby and I were walking across the parking lot and I fell Thursday morning . I seriously  thought I went down so gracefully but when I looked up & seen my hubby's face I knew something was really wrong Plus I couldn't feel my right leg at all . When I looked at my leg below my knee it was laying to the right of my thigh bent backwards  .

Hubby some how got me in my car and drove to the hospital, and while driving my leg kept getting bigger but still no pain( yet) .

Once we got to the hospital they had to get me out of my car . They got me on a stretcher and wheeled me in to the ER cut my jeans off  and put in IV then called my Doctor who did my knees back in 2005/ 2007 .

My Doctor came in and said he looked at the X rays and said he would not be able to do the surgery that it was way out of his league. he recommened (2) specialist one for reconstructive and one for Trama surgery .Praise God I had both doctors  work on my leg .

Knee X ray femur bone brokeThe Xray showed I broke my FemurBUT my knee replacement from 2005 was in place  and didn't break  BUT where the femur broke there was nothing to attach a hindge to my knee to my femur . It was Shattered

Pins in bone xray

The next step was to put my leg in Traction  and get the femur straight enought for surgery .

Click HERE for another photo. Just know that it is gauze wrapped around the pins in that photo  That's all  with a Black marker I assume that marks  the bottom of my knee or something ..

20lb weight to stretch my femurNext they had to  drill into my bone with 2 pins and putting 20lb weights at the end of my bed to stretch my femur ( see photo) All this took place that day Thursday Jan 31, 2013  .

Friday Dr Hubers came in and said he was hoping to get me into surgery at 2 or 4pm Friday turned out surgery was at  4ish and I remember waking up in my room at 12:45 am Saturday..

New knee xray

I ended up with at least a 13 inch incesion  with 80 staples (Click HERE for that photo) , a brand new larger knee replacement  and a  Hindge w/a new rod that goes up 5 inches into my femur Plus I needed 2 units of blood Plus Lots of Bruises on my arms and leg.

I seriously felt like a pin cushion with IV / blood draws/ drain tube/ Staples etc… All that to say PRAISE GOD I still have my leg.

I am currently have a home nurse  come in 2 times a week and a Physical Therapist 3 times a week . I am not able to sit very long and or walk or do stairs ( Stamping studio is down stairs).doing most of my excerises in bed ankle bends / butt squeezes /knee presses  and lots of ice for swelling .

I will be getting my Staples removed this upcoming Thursday . Looks like I need to be well iced for that proceedure. My follow up  with my surgen will be the Feb 25th .

I am able to walk to the kitchen and back to bed and of course to the bathroom with a walker .

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments / cards/ well wishes and prayers . I still find it hard to even look at my leg with all the stitches seems like it really isn't my leg or it's something out of a horror film~maybe it will be better after the staples come out … we shall see .

One thing that Blessed me was that all of you  know me  and know that I am consistent in posting to my blog  and when this all happened  you all knew something was wrong  since I had not posted in a few days . I can't make promises  about my blog postings during my recovery But I will try.

Thank you all so much  for your understanding

and all your prayers .

Here is my Sunday Share video for you today .


Until later… Happy Stampin !

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