Hi Stampers:

Happy Sunday Friends !

Well it is day #17  and I must say I am feeling better every day . Still need  my walker when walking  & haven't left the house since I came home from the hospital .

I haven't been able to sleep well at night seems I have a hard time getting comfortable . My PT girl says this is totally normal  and should get better  by week 3 . 

I want to send you all BIG hugs  for all your  wonderful  cards /gifts I have recieved . You all make me smile . I will be sharing  more of your  beautiful  cards and gifts this upcoming  week

My PT girl ( Leslie )  says this upoming week  we may be trying the stairs YAHOO!  I mentioned to  her  once she got me down there I may not want to come back up. She is actually pretty excited to see my  stamping room too … NOT as excited as me though !!!!

For Valentines Day Hubby got my a new Pandora Braclett charm  and said he went in  and asked if they have a Broken Femur  charm ~ Nope~   so he got me the next best thing …. A Wish Bone  How sweet is that ( see photo) .

Wish bone charm

We both laughed  even though we both do NOT need anything to remind us of  all this for a very long time …But the Wish Bone  makes it sweet .

After I told Jessie what Daddy got me  she said he should have asked if they had a Zipper charm LOL!  … OH my I swear those two think so much alike  it's scary .

Goodies Hubby brought home for Valentines Day

Best Bakery

Besides the Beautiful Charm he also got me 2 dozen roses  and  he also stopped at the Bakery and picked up  Fresh Baklava and Cannoli .

Jessie and Pat came over Friday and made us dinner ( Chicken tacos YUMMY) and while Hubby and Pat went out to Bass Pro shop Jessie and I got to  hang out  and she did my hair and painted my toe nails.

I am still ashamed of how ugly my toes were YIKES!  but they are super cute now ready for my 3 week check up with the surgen on  Monday the 25th.

Bruises #1

Bruises on handsThe Bruises on my hands and arms are just now starting to fade Praise God!

Taped up leg no staplesThe staples  came out Thursday and Thank Goodness my PT girl said to Ice  up really good beforehand  I have about 20 or so that were embeded  and hurt  pretty bad when coming out .


I kept them ( see photo)  maybe we can think of something to make with 83 staples …

It was such a relief to get the staples out. Click HERE for the photo with the staples out  .

Friday we got my knee to bend at 80 degrees now mind you  that is NOT me doing all the bending  BUT my PT girl Leslie doing 90% of it. But it will come  one day .

Thursday was also the 1st day I put my tennis shoes on  and WOW  that was super great . Hubby is still helping me in and out of the shower Praise God !

Leg LifterOne of my best things through  all this has been my leg lifter . With my past Knee replacements I used my Robe belt to help lift my leg  But  since then they have come out with this fancy leg lifter .

BEST thing ever !

Thank you all again for your prayers .

Have a Wonderful Sunday  friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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