Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday Friends !

Day #24 ~  3 weeks post surgery.  Tomorrow I have  my follow up with Dr. Hubers  and if all goes as planned I  will be  starting out patient  theraphy  Tuesday .

Out patient means  working on big equipment ( Treadmill/ Bike/ Leg press machine etc..) to get my leg/thigh ( quad) better . Leslie  said  I should have out patient  theraphy for 4 weeks possible 6. 

My 8 visits with Leslie ended this past Friday  and  she got me to 92 degrees  bend on my knee  YAHOO!

Last Saturday I stopped taking Xarelto  and started aspirin theraphy Sunday and will be on that until March 1, 2013. Very thankful  I didn't have to do Coumadin or Heparin and that also ment NO  blood draws with Xarelto . So this makes me a very happy camper :).

I am sleeping alittle better now and  going down stairs  PRAISE GOD! .

I go downstairs only when someone is here with me. It's feels so GREAT to be in my Stamping space again . But  then again any change of scenery  from laying in bed  all day… even sitting in my living room is  such a blessing.

I have been making my Feb Thank you notes and getting caught up (Thank you again  for picking me to be your demonstrator  and  your patience  through all this with me.)

Hubby did get me out of the house Thursday  and took me out to dinner. That was AMAZING too. We figured we should do a  test run  getting out  since we will be going out to see the Dr. on Monday  and  Snow was coming Friday… so Thursday was the day .

Thank you all again for all your well wishes and Prayers . I love you all . 

P.S   Hubby has been downstairs working on my stamping room  . I actually started a video back in Oct 2012  and  adding to it  as  progress is made in  the new stamping area . We  figure it may take a year or so to finish  but we will have it all on video  to post when it is all done . 

So far hubby has started on the trey ceiling  and also  drywalled my tanning bed area  and also  closed off the  furnace area  which will be for Christmas storage and his workshop . 

Here is my Sunday  share video for you today .


Until later…. Happy Stampin!  

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