Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday  friends !

Right off the bat I would like to Thank & Praise  God for getting me through the last 5 weeks . For all of you who have  went through a  surgery  you may have felt like how I was feeling .

Down in the dumps/ Pitty Party / Crying / Emotional  roller coster .

My Mom had mentioned to me well you know  you are getting close to that whole COL  ( HOLD on are you kidding me .. One thing at a time please !!

Okay we are fast forwarding to this past week…

or should I say rewinding ?

Whatever "IT" was~ it lifted  and I feel MARVELOUS!  well not 100%  back to normal but  seriously  so much better. I wonder if it is all the medication they gave me in the hospital IDK But I do remember  I felt like this with both knee replacements too. It  just didn't last as long as this time  … maybe it was the trauma with this one  ~ I wish I knew ~ whatever it is I do NOT like it !

 It all started last week when I was told by my PT girl ( Ashley) I should start practicing driving  YAHOO!


So this was my practicing … I  asked hubby  to go with me around the subdivision  so I could see if everything was good to go  and well  it didn't  quite make it around the sub ( just mainly  down the road out of the sub LOL)  cause the next thing I hear hubby  saying is … well I guess  you practiced enough cause we were on the main road  LOL! It was amazing and YES I was  alittle EXCITED ( Alot excited) Praise God!

Also on Tuesday Ashley told me to lose the cane  I kinda looked at her weird and thought  really ?? you sure ? It's my secruity.. she just shock her head yes  and smiled . Praise God!

This past Friday I got my knee to bend at 100 degrees  I seriously  started to cry and  we high fived each other . I am so very Thankful .

Riding the bike 1st time 3-7-2013

This past week I also got to ride the stationary bike at PT. I rode it for 5 mins and the 1st minute or so I couldn't quite get it up and over the hump to petal ( was told that's normal) but then once I rocked it a bit then Up and over it went ( What a feeling )  I  don't know why in my mind I assoicate that Bike and driving with I am getting better . Don't get me wrong  both are BIG things BUT like  Ryan at therapy said  we are not ready to run around the block yet LOL!  YEAH -YEAH -YEAH .

Trust me Ryan is not a debbie downer  just a realist and he knows how excited I was to ride the bike  so the running around the block was more of a joke .. Like I am going to  do that..1st of all I do NOT run LOL!

So the other morning I am watching myself walk in my mirror  and notice my right foot is pointing in slightly . I  am not sure if its me  seeing things or what .

I ask hubby and he said yes  it is just slightly .

At therapy I am talking to Ashley she she working on  the deep rub / and my scar tissue   and she asks me what my least favorite  excerise is ?? ( She does this to get my mind off the pain of the deep rub )  OH yes there is 1 that I will call the leg torture .

I am not even sure what they call it  BUT think of it as a leg lift to the side BUT laying down on your good side on a table with your back / butt / head  right up against the wall and  bending your good leg   then with your bad leg toes pointing down  then slide it up and down the wall as many times as you can . I can only do 18-20  and 20 is pushing it .  Ashley said everyone Hates ( even those that are very active in working out hate it too)  that one  it really works your quads and your hips .

Still having a hard time sitting  for long periods of time in that whole quad/hip area  but that will get better too .

The video below is what it is BUT I slide my foot on an acrylic wall which is behind me with my butt and shoulders against the wall  . It seriously BURNS! by the time PT is all done I will let you know what my count is on this one . Hopefully it will be better than 20 in a few weeks.


So while we were chatting about that  I mentioned to her  that I think my  foot is slightly turned inward  and she said  it's because of my hip/ quad  everything in that area was  to be  built back up  and is still weak . so I asked her  what excerise  helps that  and she  gives me the head nod  towards the leg torture  area . Oh great! Her and Ryan both  tell me it is all still  so fresh from surgery and it will get alot better in time . so now  Ashely has me  doing the slides  in sets of 5  and then resting  instead of sets of 10  and I must admit it still BURNS like crazy  but it was  slightly  better on Friday.

E Stim and ice time most favorite time

My most favorite time of PT is  the Ice and E-Stim machine  for 15 mins . After 2 hours of PT I can NOT wait  for Ashley or Ryan to say are you ready for ice  Ahhhh YEAH!! Hello my best friend !  Ashley is looking into me getting  the E stim machine for me to use at home  even if I have to rent it  I would be willing to do that  but really would love to buy one or maybe my Ins. will cover it  we shall see. hopefully this week we will find out .

Notice all my stri-strips are off ( yahoo!) BUT there is one spot at the very bottom of my leg  that had a scab  which fell off  after Ashleys rub down …so I have another stri strip on that to help bring that  together and close up .

My Scar is looking for Fabulous 🙂 . It's funny  when looking at it~it seems  to be starting to fade in parts . The inside  by my knee cap and  just above  are still very tender areas  and OUCHIE  when  the deep rub  takes place still . The whole right side of my outter knee  area is totally numb.

Thank you all for your prayers, your well wishes and cards / gifts . I can not express how grateful I am. I am truly Blessed with your friendship and thoughtfulness.

I filmed a video for you this upcoming week  Plus I have my club girls coming over this next Saturday  so  yesterday was a fun stamping day But I did over do it a tad .

 I did get (2) club projects designed  and a video filmed  Just need to pre -cut everything this upcoming week  for Saturday .

 Very soon we will be back to 2 videos a week ( Thursdays and Fridays)  Thank you all for your patience  through all this . I wish I could HUG all of you !!

 I am all caught up on my Thank you notes  from January 31, 2013 – current  PLUS I have mailed all our New Glitter Queens welcome packets out ( finally)  so sorry for the delay .

Thank you  for picking me to be your SU! Demonstrator .

Here is my Sunday Share video . I love this commercial it reminds me of our Jessie when she was little  and Bowzer


Have a Wonderful Sunday  friends !

PS I have started a category  for all my leg stuff  if  you want to get caught up on what happened click HERE  

I wish I had done that with my last  knee replacement  surgery so I  could compare all of this now to that one.

The posts will still be in my Sunday Share categories BUT  you will have to scroll through all my Sunday shares  to get to those about my leg  . 

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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