Up in the air over youHi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

Last night we had  our stampers club  get together . OH boy  did I need this . It is so much fun hanging out with all my girls  and stamping / laughing /crying . We missed you Holly & Laurie .

Stampers Club March 16, 2013

My club girls were also the 1st to see my hubby's handy work in my  new classroom  he has been working on .  All the dry wall is up and it already looks so AWESOME!

This morning I will be going to church for the 1st time in 7 weeks  I am not sure how I will be during church with the  sitting~ We shall see . 

This week I will be posting  some of the goodies  I have made over that last  week or so .

I  found out it isn't so much my hip thats causing my sitting problems but more my hamstring . I swear I feel like I have been getting  a crash course in all my leg parts and how they are all connected .

I am going to be  starting my 4th week of out patient and Ashley will be submitting  another perscription  for an extended PT  not sure how much longer … but  I am thinking maybe 3 more weeks~ IDK yet .

Apparently  in home care and out patient are 2 totally different services so that's good for me .I am currently at 105 degrees  on my bend  and still so much swelling .

We had some snow Friday / Saturday and this has cause a flare up  with my RA . If it's not one thing it's another I tell ya .

My hands are so puffy  and swollen I can hardly  bend my fingers . But if this is like  any flare up's in the past  by the 4th day everything should be okay .

Have a Wonderful Sunday friends  and Happy St. Pattys day ! 

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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