Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

Oh my goodness  can you believe it is only (17) days till the 1st day of Spring . I am thinking by the way our winter has been this far  we may  not be  in the warmer temps  and snow free even if the  calenders says we should be .

Either way just saying it makes me feel better already .

Leg & Jeans in ER January 31, 2013I thought I would share with you the  photo  we took the day I arrived in the ER and  when they ended up having to cut my jeans off of me  as you can tell my  right  leg is  really  swollen compared to the left . Here is another photo of what my jeans looks like  after all the cutting was finished .

Jeans #2I ended up keeping them since they were my favorite jeans and hubby said we will get me another pair just like them later .

I am happy to report I survived my 1st week of out patient therapy . I got (3 ) more weeks (3) times a week .  I was quite surprise how much  the word spread around the  office  that when I came in on Thursday  4 therapists  wanted to see my X-rays  and were also amazed  that I wasn't in a cast .They all said they don't see  what happened to me  very often.

The most painful part so far of therapy is  when Ashley works on my scar tissue  around my knee cap inside thigh YEWWW sends me to the moon I tell ya ….But when she works on my outer thigh muscle  rubbing that~ feels amazing!  So you know that old saying Good with the Bad  right ? LOL!  swear  she has the boney-ist fingers  in the world  and gets  right down the business .

Thank goodness for all the warm up  excerises I do for 30 or so mins before she gets me . Then the ice down is also a top favorite .

I must say  we have  gone through so much ice in the Griffith home . I do not remember using  this much ice with my past knee replacements . Frozen peas and frozen  popcorn kernals  don't last as long as regular ice .  Thank goodness for Sams Club 20 lb ice bags  which  lasts  almost a week  .

On Friday I got my bend to 97 degrees  and I am so excited about that …BUT I still have so much swelling in my leg .

Click HERE  for a updated photo of my leg and what it looks like  as of yesterday evening The Stri-strips are coming off now . It looks  So much betterto me now  and its amazing there is  no itching,But where is does itch is behind my knee  which is weird.

Yesterday I was hoping to get  a video filmed  for this upcoming week for you  But Fridays PT had me  icing alot  and laid up  for most of the day yesterday  and standing while I film wasn't looking to promising . Maybe today will be  better.

Here is my Sunday Share video .


Have a Wonderful Sunday Friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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