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Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday frends !

Well Thursday I finally went to urgent care for my leg  that I cut on my car door a couple weeks ago . Yup should have gotten stitches BUT seriously it  didn't look bad at all  and didn't hardly bleed. Yes I guess I am  gulity of hearing all those TOLD YOU SO  comments  I am ready so lay it on me !

  • (just be slightly gentle on me please LOL!  You probably  couldn't say anything more than what I am already  saying to myself )

Urgent care I  got  such a hard scrub on my wound I about went through the roof in pain . Once they cleaned it I was sent for X rays  and there is  no infection  Praise God ! 

They sent me  to Wound care  which was another cleaning  BUT this time she at least numbed me  alittle to take the edge off of the pain and to think It did not hurt at all  this whole time  just started looking really gross .

Leg June 27 2013

Doctor  showed me how to care for my  boo boo  and  gave me  some Ointment  called  Collagenase Santyl to apply  every day  and wrap with gauze  and clean with water  every day and to keep it up as much as possible due to the swelling ( yup the photo over on that site looks like my leg too) .

Today will be my 3rd cleaning  and I am seriously looking forward to it not to being so tender ( Ouchie). It did not  hurt the whole 2 weeks but since the scrub down it seems to have opened  up all those nerves .

I would share a photo BUT I think I will wait until it actually  starts  looking alittle better cause it is really gross  what started out as a  cut  that looked like a upside down "L"  looks more like a BIG crater/ hole . What has happened  from what the doctor  and my friend Pam (Pam is a RN )  the  RA medication I am on has broken  down  my skin / opened my wound  and  will take longer to heal … So currently I am off my RA meds  until it heals  .

I go back to the Wound Clinic on Wednesday  so I am going to  see where  all this lines  up with going to NY  to the Hoka Hey Finish line to welcome hubby .

SD Harley shop check point wecome sign

Rapid City SD  checck point

Hubby has been doing so great on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge  he is currently in Oklaoma and on his way back to NY.  It's so awesome  and I am so proud of him !

While in SD at the Black Hills Harley Shop 2nd check point on the route Hubby needed  (2) new tires . Thank God they had the tires for him  and that they were ready for all kinds of other things  for all the riders  after midnight .

So far he has rode through:

  • NY
  • VT
  • Canada
  • MN
  • SD
  • NE
  • CO
  • NM
  • TX
  • OK

and even more states to go~ in total 7,000 miles of riding .

You can follow him HERE Hubby is rider #725 Hoka Hey 

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I can't believe tomorrow will be July 1st.

There is alot going on in July.

 Ordered my customers their Holiday catalog to ship to them in Mid August. 

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge  party in NY .

Convention is coming mid July

  Plus in the middle of  all this we are finally getting our roof replaced  Yahoo!  With all the rain we have been having  It has been a big comcern with waiting so long to get it  done but as of last week the 1st installment  of money is being processed  to get it  done Praise God! So it looks like the week after the 4th  they will "hopefully" begin  replacing our roof ~ YAHOO!

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Here is my Sunday Share video .

It's one of my all time favorites ! It's  such a powerful song .

I cry every time I sing this song



Have a Wonderful Sunday friends!

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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