Blackie and Rich at Finish line July 3, 2013

Rider # 725Hi Stampers :

Happy Sunday Friends !

This past Thursday Hubby rolled across the finish line at. He was the 23rd rider to cross the finish line . WOW! what an adventure .

Finish lline July 3 2013

A Deer hit him on his Harley, got hung up on the front bar  so the deer was dragged for a little awhile then finally let loose and rolled down the ditch . Hubby was a bit shaken and trying not to crash and get him off the bike. Rich  said it all happened within a few seconds . BUT I am sure it felt alot longer .'

This is where the deer hit him on his Harley

Here is a photo of his Harley where the deer got hung up.

Yesterday we headed back to NY  for the Finish line party OH my goodness what a fun time  Fabulous food / Fireworks and the BIGGEST bon fire I have ever seen ( see photo below) .

Bon Fire already  for Saturday  July 6, 2013

This morning we are heading back .

Here is a video of the start line back on June 23, 2013 (below)  I believe we counted Hubby as rider # 26 or 27th leaving the finish line . He is the one that waves  as he is leaving … you can click HERE to watch on You tube  


Jim and Rich at Finish line July 3,2013

Beth & Rich at Finish line July 3,2013

Beth posted some stats on our riders which I thought was pretty awesome . Below is what Beth  posted on  the Hoka Hey Facebook page HERE.

This year our youngest rider is #786, Taia Hassing (30 yrs) and our most senior is #787, Samuel Vasquez (72 yrs). The oldest bike registered for the Challenge was a 1973 FLH ElectraGlide ridden by #303, Rick Miller of Sarasota, FL. Unfortunately, this bike is already out of the Challenge and so the oldest bike now is a 1989 Tour Glide Classic ridden by Scott Chrispen of Brocton, NY. There are seven different 2013 bikes registered. We have one man from Norway and one man from Canada and seven women from all over the US. Florida is best represented with 11 entries; followed by Texas with 10. Finally… nearly 77% of our riders have ridden in at least one Hoka Hey Challenge before this one; 37% have ridden in at least two and 29% are embarking on their fourth go ‘round!!!

My hat is off to all of our riders and the people that support them!!

Please take a moment  and read this  post on the Hoka Hey Blog Click HERE

John Anderson Rider 737
It saddens me to say that we lost one of our most enthusiastic Hoka Hey Challengers on Wednesday June 26th. Rider #737, John Anderson, was an Air Force veteran participating in the Challenge for his second time. Though I didn't know him well, I had the pleasure of working with John during the application process and found that he had a friendly and agreeable way about him that made him very easy to like. I had the chance to visit with him briefly on the day before the riders left and it was clear that John was delighted to be a participant and was eager for the adventure. But even in that moment of bubbling enthusiasm, it struck me that John was truly grateful. His eyes and his demeanor conveyed a true humility and sense of wonder that reflected the passion for life that he carried within. I only hope I can do honor to John’s memory by sharing that same zest with others!!

Our hearts and prayers go out to the ones he left behind. It is clear to me that heaven is a better place for having him.

Please pray for the families and those who were injured during the Hoka Hey and Praying for Johns family during this very difficult time in their huge loss.I will try & get info on  an address for John  maybe we could send  the family a card .. Will keep you posted .

Here are some sights hubby seen on his Hoka hey adventure .

Narrow 1 lane road on Hoka Hey 2013

Buffalo on the Hoka Hey ride 2013

Billy goat  on the Hoka hey ride 2013

as I was getting ready to head out to NY to meet hubby at the finish
line look what showed up . The shingles for our Roof  and Holy Moly  the
truck was pretty awesome for getting all the goodies on  our roof ….so
there was a slight 2 hour delay on leaving BUT I still got there in
time to see him cross  the finish line.

Shingles  delivered on July 3, 2013

The GPS  tracker will be turned off  soon. He will be taking the Harley in to be serviced .There will be an overhaul done on it.Thank you all again for  the past 10 days  following him and encouraging him  along the way .  There were so many of us consumed  with the Tracker map and now that it's over, its like ~what do we do now ? STAMP of course LOL!  

This upcoming Saturday July 13th  we have my stampers club night and then  I will be heading to Convention  to learn some fabulous new tip and tricks .

Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

Until later… Happy Stampin!

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