Hi Stampers :

 Happy Sunday friends !

Still waiting for Spring to arrive here in Michigan. We still have a small pile of snow in front but the rest has melted .

Black bean cake

Black bean cake #2

Oh my goodness my mom made us a black bean cake yesterday ( see photos above)  It was sooo yummy . Believe it or not NO sugar  no grain.  Mom said this was her 1st bean cake and probably the last LOL! My mom even made the whip topping too . This cake was really really good ~ Thanks Momma . 


Lgg bloodspot  Food test

This past week Dr. Mary gave me a  test to do  for food allergies  and when I was reading the directions  it said not to do it if  I'm taking certain medications ~well that ended that test.

Dr. Mary is now looking for something else for me to try so we can  figure out why my hands hurt and  well  pretty much all over . I just wish I started feeling better .

I keep plugging away  with the no grain / no sugar / detoxing .  Last week when I was  doing my wedges at home  I felt my pelvis move  and seriously  I felt so great for like 5 minutes  and then it must have slipped back  aughhhh..

Dr Mary office

Friday Hubby snapped this photo of me in my lovely getup  at Dr. Mary's . This is a hat that holds (for me) 2 pound weights on my head and I  stand on  a vibrating machine for 6 minutes  with the weights .This is designed to help stand straight and align the spine. 

Stamping Studio part 2

This past Friday we ordered  the cabinets ( 22 of them) for the other side of my Stamping Studio . Should be here in about 4-5 weeks .

I am so stinkin excited !

Here's one side of the room . This will be my crafting desk and also my computer desk ~ LOVE IT!

Here is my Sunday Share video for you . This dog's name is Jumpy and he is sooo smart . Make sure you watch the end .


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Have a Wonderful Sunday friends !

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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