Hi Stampers,

 Happy Sunday friends !

Ever have one of those months  where you  really wish for a DO OVER ?

Well maybe not a complete “do over ” just a few parts would be nice …

Thank you all for your sweet comments asking about  my “Dawn’s  Sunday Share” .

Sometimes life takes over then some weeks  it’s so quite on the home front that I really don’t have much to share .

I’m currently  mending a  stubbed  toe .

I got while getting in the shower ,well actually it’s not stubbed  but bruised .

 I hit the shower  rail  when  I slipped  getting in the shower  & my toe hit so hard it cracked my

toe nail in half and  I do believe  that right side half will be falling off  really soon .

 Needless to say I have it covered only because, I don’t want it

 catching on  everything and ripping it off before it’s time to fall off .

It doesn’t hurt,  but  feels  weird having my big toe bandaged up  inside my shoe .

I am currently sick with a yucky cold and I feel terrible .

I have this  cough with  head congestion  you know the whole package .

I  never get sick  which in my case is really good  since

I  have a low Immune system with my RA

 So when I get sick ~it’s  usually a real doozie .

You would have thought I was buying the whole store out of cold medicine / cough drops .

Guess I will be  stocked up  for a long time LOL!

Then Thursday morning Hubby left for work and his transmission went out in his truck ~ Great !

Remember that being grounded  to the house  on my Friday blog post Ha! Ha! ( if you only knew )  

well  there was even more to  that whole story .

 Rest and try to feel better ( CHECK

 Get ring on our Home insurance policy ( CHECK

 Hubby had to take my car to work ( CHECK)  

 hubby will be driving my car until he gets his truck back. 

    Praise God we have my car /2nd car.

There are other things going on that we are dealing with BUT 

I’m not  going to BLAST that out everywhere.

Some of you know  what I mean . 

My blog I have always tried to keep it  uplifting and encouraging

but then feeling like I  just want to throw my hands up and surrender,

That’s not much of a “Happy ” Blog post to say the least . 

Made me realize with your comments / emails is that maybe you don’t mind  hearing  

about the not so happy stuff once in a while. 

 Plus you all can be praying for us .

So that’s it in a nut shell without going into ALL the details .

I will be happy to get back to my little routine  and most of all  feel better so I can think straight… 

Have you ever been sick that  it hurts to even think ? YUP that’s me  . 

I would really appreciate your prayers for all the above and so much MORE

Thank you for your patience !

On a really happy note :

I am so  happy you all love my new blog .

Thank you  for all  your amazing feed back .

Have a great Sunday  friends ! 

Until later.. Happy Stampin!

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