Hi stampers

Happy Friday friends!

I thought you would like an update on my leg.

Last Thursday ( Oct 31, 2019 )  the doctor noticed there may be an infection in my wound took a

biopsy and sent it in normally take 3-4 days for results to come back by Friday

I could barely walk and was in so much pain was considering  going to go to the ER

but called the clinic 1st and nurse Jenny said

it was a matter of waiting it out until we got the

results back ….

shouldn’t  get an antibiotic until we know what it is .

The weekend was so  bad my foot no matter what I did was swelling

and I’m not sure how I even got through my stamp club Saturday night .

 Monday Nurse Jenny called and told me she was calling in an antibiotic for me.

Starting taking the med. right away and I did feel slightly better even

with the 1st pill but the swelling was not down even by the third day .

yesterday went to the wound clinic and the doctor was concerned

about the swelling as well took blood and wanted X-rays

apparently I have 2 fractured toes.

 The 3rd and 4th toe  on the left leg (same leg as my wound )

I guess that would explain why it was hurting so much to walk or put weight on it .

They called me yesterday afternoon  and said that they will know more on a time

frame when the fractures happened when  they get the

report back but until then he ordered

me a boot to wear that will stop the bending of were the

fractures are located across the top of my toes

I’m so sorry I have not been posting much on my blog everything is located on my

computer downstairs in my office and going stairs

was pretty much out .

I’m happy to report I have the boot on as if 1:30 today .

So many procedures to go

through it’s not easy like ordering online

1st have to get Insurance approval ( yesterday and this morning )

and get fitted with boot .

I’m missing you all so much and 

missing my stamp studio .

I’m really hoping to get in there this

weekend and start creating  again

thank you all for your concern and prayers

just once more thing on this new adventure .

I mentioned to my team a couple times

that I just wanted to be able to

wear my boots to Onstage next week…..

Be-careful what you wish for since, I’m able to wear boots

just not my idea of  stylish boots  

plus I will get able to wear one of my “normal” boots lol!


I also wanted to give you an update on a couple things from  Stampin up

The Moose  punch 150652

has SOLD out

and is no longer available.

Which also  means the

Merry Moose bundle # 153015

is no longer AVAILABLE  .

The Purple Posy ink pad # 150084  and refill # 150091 

are no longer available the ink was still an issue .

Stampin up has pulled the ink pad and refill

since it still wasn’t meeting the

quality standards .

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience !

Thanks for peeking in today .


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