Hi Stampers,

 Happy Sunday friends ! 

I wanted to  send a BIG HUG thank you  all of you 

who have been praying for me .

I’m not sure when everything will  be back to “Normal “

I hoping  my leg will begin to 

start healing and looking better .

As of right now I keep my right leg up  and  I started

going to the wound clinic  on Mondays and Thursdays .

I’m not sure how long   but  the doctor is wrapping

my leg in a compression wrap  which is about 4-5 layers 

of  wrapping it  tightly   each time  they

wrap is tighter   they are  trying to get the fluid / blood  from my leg.

I am able to get up and walk  to bathroom and sit up for a bit  my leg  isn’t in

  to much pain it’s just really  tight  and the  worse part of my leg is the  inside and outside of my ankle where the 

blood/ fluid has  pooled and I also have a lot of blisters 

which is all from the infection  I had  called Cellulitis 

which was started from the tiny blister on my  pinky toe,

  then the cellulitis  turned into  Spetic Shock which  is what nearly  killed me 

if it weren’t for my husband  getting me to the hospital  Dec 8th Sunday night 

the doctors said I would have  been dead in  less than 12 hours . 

My Heart / Kidneys had already started to shut down 

my blood pressure was 27/38 with no pulse.

Had me on 6-7 antibiotics  and pumped me with at least 7 liters of  fluid.

  I really do not remember much.

  I just remember  everyone telling me in ICU how  blessed I am to be alive. 

Thank you all for  your  prayers

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your continual  prayers .

Thank you  for all  your well wishes, flowers, cards, gifts.

I  hope to  open  all your cards one day soon

It seems I sleep a lot,  just trying to heal my body  and keep my leg elevated.

I have  my reg doctor follow up on Monday as well

as  the wound clinic  for the wrap change .

I am getting stronger every day since being released from the 

Hospital on Tuesday Dec 17th.

My mom has been  coming over to hang out with me during the day when hubby goes to work.

Everything is going to be okay 

The doctors says it’s just going to take  some time ( Praise God ! )

I  wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas . 


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